Ontario Lake Trout | The Canadian Angle

By | December 27, 2022

In this episode, Jay heads to a backwoods region of Ontario to meet up with third generation outfitter and owner of Winoga Lodge, Troy Mansfield. Jay and Troy load up snowmobiles and head out to focus their hard water angling attention on giant lake trout and humpback whitefish.

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[Music] Look at the rod just core if there's a Fish that swims I need to catch it fresh Water salt water from a boat from a Kayak or from four inches of ice I drive Off the new experiences I have an Exhibition guide turn videographer Calling Lake of the Woods Ontario my Home I'm Jay Stevens and this is the Canadian angle This adventure from last March was based Out of winova Lodge in sou Lookout Ontario good friend Troy Mansfield is a Third generation Outfitter and owner of The lodge you can catch a bit of Everything in this part of the country But on this specific trip we are focused On the king through the ice the lake Trout the aggressive strikes and Screaming runs make this a Top Choice For ice Anglers across the North Country Along the way as well we'll have a Chance to run to some humpback Whitefish That have at these very same spots we're In for a good Backwoods Excursion all Right made it to the landing We're rolling out with a big crew this Morning which I like we got deep snow Maybe some slashing it's always nice to Have it's always nice to have big Troy With you because he's gonna pull my Sweater when I get shot hopefully we Don't get stuck [Music]

Oh wow Foreign [Music] Man look at that Six foot seven inches Of man I'm warm now [Music] I think we got the lake to ourselves It's like a boomerang but it's it comes Out of deep water we got deep water on All sides of us and this Rises up [Applause] [Music] So there's the bait and then right there You can see those couple fish we'll zoom In there See a couple fish on the bottom there Maybe Lakers maybe maybe whities I'm not Sure we should drop down though what a Beautiful day oh boy I'm so happy this Is gonna be the so far the nicest day of The year and the next two days yeah the Next two days will be the warmest days Of the year Wow there's so much bait here sometimes That's your biggest competition though Yeah there's a big mud flat that comes Out over there a long ways out from Shore it extends out over a quarter mile Wow I've done really well with on Whitefish there my grandfather used to Fish just back in the 70s and 80s really Yep that's pretty cool yeah this is

Right where he put his fish house he had A permanent Shack out here yep and he'd Have a big uh he cut a hole with a Chainsaw wow yeah we have it so much Better now oh yeah electric augers oh Yeah live Imaging snowmobiles that run Every day So just disclaimer for everyone watching Troy tends to make fish look very small Keep that in mind yeah burp sharks and Snow carps so I've never heard snow carp That's a good one so the thing about Lake trout is and Whitefish too is kind Of fishing all the way throughout the Water calling me fishing walleyes a lot Of the time you're kind of keeping your Bait near the bottom but looking at the Screen seeing how the bait's suspended If those fish are hunting those uh those Smell they can kind of be It can be anywhere it'll be pretty cool To see on the live Scope when you just See the smell cool they split I think that's a Whitey I think a Lake Trail would be significantly bigger like That fish oh come on Troy He's kind of got a ceiling He's chasing Oh he likes that Oh Come on He's vertical on it oh My gosh if you cook them okay I'll cook Them all right

Scaring stuff away Oh here you go Troy that's better Come on Come on you can see it's tail kicking That's a good sized fish White fish coming up Oh got him Oh I lost him Let me go get another chance Oh there you go You got the one I missed Detroit makes That Rod look so small Oh come on come on we both lost one There those are whities I believe They're whities yeah Just because they grabbed it so soft Right I barely felt them grab man we Just need to get that first fish out of The way With mono oh yeah like four pound Cajun Line from 20 years ago Shakespeare Cajun That's not what you're using are you are You just making fun of me yeah yeah what What is that what are you using 10 pound Cajun line no Really oh yeah That's that's probably older than me That spool line you got on there do they Still make it I don't do that Can't be that old I'm gonna send you a Small line when I get home do it Oh look at that look they just got Spooked away that's that's

Come on Yes yes come on come on Yes that's got to be a Laker Oh we could see the bait fish just peel Away there they scattered hard That was good I haven't caught a Laker this winter Trey no no buddy or it's the biggest White fish in the lake so the cool thing About lake trout Is they have the ability to burp you're Fishing for crappies fishing for Walleyes you get deeper than like 30 Feet of water and they can burp and Their eyeballs will bulge and their air Bladder will pop out but lake trout Nickname the burp shark will burp you'll See the bubbles coming up and that's why You can fish them in 50 60 feet of water And they do that this one might be a Little too big to eat I was close We got bubbles We're gonna get ahead pretty soon nice Oh they're so bad wow That is a fat Laker buddy you're not Lying Take a look at the belly on that fish They are built different when they're Eating eating smelts Doesn't get bad either nope So this is about average here about 30 Inches now he's a little short but he's Deep yeah so good those fins are so big In the fall time they must turn bright

Orange oh yeah yeah I can't say I've Caught a trout built like that before He's deep Thank you buddy good work good wow you Could just see the bait fish spread Apart and then he came in and chowed it On that jigging spoon yep well jig and Spoon did it Dude that fish was amazing that's fat oh Yeah what's what's a typical day here For numbers For Whitefish for Lakers handful on a Good day yeah I mean there's days you Cannot catch any right I mean that's how It goes Yeah oh that's right Come on Troy I think that's another Laker Come on Troy bring him home oh he Touched it he touched it that might be Yeah I think that's Laker oh here we go Oh oh man I just gotta be a lake of the way he's Swimming around yeah like a shark Here we go I'm just gonna pop it on the Spot Again He's coming up pretty quick Man we both had chances of that fish Maybe Whitey what do we got first Whitey Whitey jumby oh that's a big white fish That is such cool looking fish Troy told me there's some big whities Around here

Wow that's not a bigger Whitefish ever Caught as you can see these white fish Are pretty fragile fish any handling Around the gills extended time out of The water and they they die pretty quick If you are going to release them you got To be super quick with them but we're Keeping this one I'm gonna go dispatch It and how do you like to prepare Whitefish you know a lot of people Traditionally smoke them or whatnot but Uh they're actually really good pan Fried really they are they are good We're gonna get some good slabs off this I got a fish bag I'll throw them in just To see it doesn't go rock solid right Look at this duffel bag that's your fish Bag yeah oh it actually is a hole for Fish on the top yeah come on Amazon Buddy find anything there I've never seen a fish tank so you'll Pack it with snow to keep it from Freezing yeah I'll pack some around it I Just want to see you catch something on That Cajun line oh but I want to see it Stretched out take the Kinks out oh look At this oh yeah look at this Something in Laker on this one Boom oh wow things are a little Frozen Another big Whitey Wow another Bowl oh That's a twin to the other one hold them Up Troy that's called the Whitefish Rodeo

Look at that that's all fat from chowing On smell you're trying not to get a hook In the hand do you want to keep another No oh sure sure oh there's such a Fragile fish you know yeah let's bump Them how often have you bump boarded a White fish not too often Oh [Laughter] 23 and a half it's a good sized Whitey We're gonna keep this guy too There you go [Laughter] So I'm using a pretty long ice rod Actually this is 50 inches long and this Is a rod that would not it would really Be ideal in a shack but now when you're Standing or fishing outside it's just You know it's you don't have to kneel Down if you don't want to and then for Fighting fish it just has so much shock Absorption that those big Lakers big Whities when they shake their heads it Just keeps that line taut all the time So this is this is a 50 inch medium I'm Using 20 pound braid this is a 12 pound Floral leader that clear stuff and Bigger Lake Trail like if I was thinking There might be a 40 inch Lake Road Around then I'm probably using a little Bit heavy floral but from what I've Heard I think they kind of top right Around mid 30s here yeah or do you think There's from Lakers mid 30s yeah for

Lakers oh definitely yeah definitely I Want to see this Cajun line put on a Show More now than I did before You better not break off in that cage You like because you're never gonna hear The end of it you break off on your Cajun line oh I will unspool it Instantly if that happens in front of You Yeah bait definitely gives you Confidence to stick around because as Soon as there's bait you know at any Moment that fish can come slashing Through there and especially at Trail Because they roam yeah right I mean There's a lot of times I see you know Like guys want to move a lot went on It's like well if the bait fish are here You know Trout's roaming yeah you know They're hunting you know like a truck Could be just circling this whole Terrain thing just feeding right I don't Picture them ever kind of like stopping Still you know like a walleye sitting on A spotter crappy I don't I don't think Lakers do that I think Lakers are just Just Rome I agree Catch them oh you got him oh oh he's Coming for it again He's on it he's on it oh look at that Cajun line stretch Might be a Laker it's a Laker nice oh Man

It gives you the warning seeing it on The electronics Cajun line don't fail me Now Oh We're at the leader Nice lake trout oh there's a lot of Hooks there might be a stinger in there Buddy we got him oh they are so fat The old white tube does it there you go You can see how their noses are so Squared off and pushing into the Rocks You can see it's all the skin here has Been wore off really that's what it's From yeah such a stub nose and that's From hunting in their office into the Rocks got a little bit of blood not too Bad I didn't let you touch your fish at all Is that all right hey you keep your Hands dry that's probably nice So I did that don't let Troy touch his Own fish There she goes there she goes nice and This this is probably the most popular Trail lure in the world yeah two white Tube white tubes classic well I've been Making fun of Troy's line the whole time But hey it held up that big trout Sick on the board good job buddy That's cool yeah that's a fish on the Left look at him chasing Yeah he's gonna spook a look oh man he's Rising oh he's coming from my spoon look At that

Oh come on Oh That was coming to you I hope it's my Playup He wants you coming back nope nice Coming to you That's a Laker come on I just touched them you spooked him You ruined it take that That's cool Now did you mark much or anything no do We want to move we can move I'm getting I've got to move I mean there's more Than just this that's for sure There's a nice bar that comes off that Peninsula sticks out we got this flat we Could go down over here my days have Already been made so oh you're so easy To please yeah let's let's pack up and Then I'll keep the live scope out and Then we'll drill one hole do a scan we Just got 150 feet around we'll know if There's bait or fish right away at least For like bait I think that'll give us Confidence to stay right cool it'll pack Up [Music] Thank you [Music] Oh here we go come on Come on come on We're on Troy you picked a good spot Hooked up hooked up I think it's a white Fish

Humpback Whitefish are so awesome it's Been it's been a while since I've had a Good white fish smash Jay what took you so long oh oh my oh Look at that blimp wow Oh my God sorry try it's all good oh this is The biggest white fish of the day Man they're like if there's a fish that You want to learn how to use your Electronics it is the white fish because They just race up so good A little slush On him oh yeah that's a good one 25. This one we're keeping but something You'll notice about Whitefish if you Have a good whiff It smells like cucumbers if you don't Believe me tried they smell like Cucumbers Like I've done a bit of white fishing Not a lot but basically I've heard it Described as like Generally deeper than walleyes and Shallower than lake trout yeah I mean You catch them a lot of time mixing a Lake trout but feels like that 40 to 60 Foot depth is kind of Oh come on Oh come on I played oh oh no Yeah he's close to the top too that White fish he played with me another Hunchback Hunchback of winoga Lodge Everyone eh

There you go Trail them up I'll lean back Yeah if Trey leans too close to the fish It dwarfs it all right we're having a Feast tonight Dickies hooked up our Second spot of the day was a main Lake Point in that 40 to 60 foot depth range And everyone was catching fish with a Couple bonus Pike as well Foreign [Music] We're packing up amazing amazing day This is like the weather that you dream Of for ice fishing fishing outside Without gloves without a shack makes Life a lot easier but tomorrow bigger Lake bigger fish and cooking some fish On the ice We go day two Swamp flakes looking for bigger fish [Music] It's a real deep base and this kind of Comes out and it starts dropping off but Right here there's like a little bit of A wall like a transition We're back papa papa man's field is Hooked up let's go check it out let's go See what dick is doing all right Mr Mansfield was hooked up Troy said it wasn't going to be a Numbers game but A chance of a big fish is here Every head shake my heart's just like Oh that's a heavy fish

Oh there's the bubbles That's why I use that red cage wire oh Oh come on There we go nice trout Oh they're so dark in here that's a cool Looking trout you don't want to touch Them Dick's caught so many trout he Doesn't even want to touch this one Big beautiful fins they're such Different color than the ones yesterday Cool fish it's nice so the highlights on The white on the bottom oh yeah It looks like an old fish [Music] Perfect he's getting the full guided Experience Hahaha I'm the one being guided Good job good job dad What do we got another Cisco up high Heather Cisco Stacking up the bait pile dinner Bells So these as I mentioned like the Whitefish these fish are very fragile That's not even me touching his gills so That guy we are keeping keeping for bait All right we're doing a midday move and We are cooking up we're cooking up some Fish we got some Wally to cook up some White fish so I'm getting hungry Foreign [Music] A cabin in the woods Wow this is one of the Outpost cabins

That was how many other postcams you Guys have eight in total this is their Latest edition Cabin in the Woods one Day one day I'm gonna have one of these Right here we're gonna cook some fish Chowda [Music] This is great [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right boys There we go Whitefish chowder I've Actually never eaten maybe I've had Smoked white fish I've never had white Fish in any other form there you go you Got white fish potatoes corn bacon Celery a little smoked salt a little Garlic seasoning um we didn't catch any Lake trout small enough to eat so we're Eating white fish you wanna try thank You I just go shout up I should have been so tough on the ice I might never leave this cabin I think we're gonna call that a trip try Thank you for sharing a little piece of Winoga with me ate some chowder set some Hooks well I caught the biggest white Fish in my life to not catch the biggest Lake in my life but PV is a PV it was Delicious in the Chowder hey everybody Well thank you let's head back That's a wrap