By | November 29, 2022

Zach and Nick head back to Minnesota and crazy rut action with snowy and cold conditions!


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Hey everyone on the next couple videos Nick and I are going to be hunting in Minnesota again but before we get Started we're having our holiday sale Right now so everything is marked down But once items are out of stock we're Not putting them back on the website so Once they're gone they're gone if There's anything you like there make Sure you pick it up quick because it may Not last for forever if you want to save An additional 10 on all your orders you Can use the code Zach spelled z-a-c-h or You can use any of the other guys names To save 10 as well so as many of you Guys know I now live in Colorado and After that first trip to Minnesota I Figured that there's probably a good Chance that I was going to come back so To save time and money I just decided to Fly from Minnesota back to Colorado I Hadn't been home since October 11th so I Was excited to spend time with my Girlfriend and I was able to get those First couple videos done and then as a Group we decided that it probably made The most sense for Nick to meet me in Minnesota he had just filmed Ted fell Back Kansas tag so Ted dropped him off In Kansas City I flew from Colorado and We both landed late on the night of the 15th but before we get to that action We're going to start the video with an Update about that buck that I hit back

On October 25th when I was hunting with Keith then after that we'll jump Straight to the action from our second Trip to Minnesota so a couple days ago I Was about to head back to Minnesota and Just happened to get a message from a Guy named Dusty and said that his buddy Shot a buck on the same piece of public Land that I had shot that buck on back On October 25th and he said at first They thought the Bucks just had a Gore Hole in him but once they started Reviewing it a little bit more they Realized that it was probably an arrow I Would say at this point I'm about 98 Sure that that's the same buff I'm gonna Call him right now and just see his side Of the story and just get a little bit More info from him so I think that it'll Be pretty cool to hear what he's got to Say and what we can learn from that in General so here we go hey hey Dusty How's it going man good Good yourself all doing pretty well I'm back up here in Minnesota so yeah Brutal man it's definitely winter oh Yeah this uh mythical deer for me yeah Um it's kind of kind of funny but we've Been hunting that for many years now I Chased it up it was running in The Cattails in front of me and kind of said No to the guy that was to my left and He's the one that ended up shooting it You know when we got up to it you know

It had what I thought was like a Gore Wound didn't really give it any more Thought when my buddy took the hide off He's like well that that hole went Through and through and I I still didn't Really give it any thought well then This past Monday I got Your guys's video from um a friend of Mine and it was his co-workers that you Guys ran into while you were um all Looking for the buck they were the ones That were out there pulling stands yeah Well then I started thinking I'm like we Just shot this Buck out there with holes Through it and it's basically you know The same exact trajectory of of this Deer that you would have shot and I'm Like what are the odds that it's maybe The same one you know when he sent me The picture of that scapula you know That's got a hole in it it's almost got To be the same one you know the the Holes that are in this deer are at the Exact same angle you shot like I took a Screenshot like right as you're shooting The deer you know to like look at the Frame compared to the frame that my Body's holding and everything is telling Me that it's the same deer there isn't That many deer running around with two Holes pulled through them either Everybody exact same angle you know They're I mean there's probably Broadheads and arrows stuck in here all

Over but it like raised the exact same Angle on the same Same piece of public land I mean that's That's just too much coincidence where You said you guys jumped it up is Actually where he ran to so I'm assuming He consistently vetted there if we went Back in there the next day with the dog And the and the dog took took him Straight down to where you're explaining He probably just went circled right back Down to where he felt comfortable and Probably where he was ultimately heading That day that I shot him but you know in The grand scheme of it it's not that far It's you know what three quarters of a Mile or a mile or whatever it is back Down in there but when you sent me that Picture of the scapula if you would have Asked me you know where I hit the buck Like where I truly believed it was it Would be exactly where that entry hole Was so when he was shot you said it was 11-8 which would have been 14 days later Exactly two weeks if it was he getting Around fine I'm assuming he was just Running or pretty well or what Kind of sneaking Through The Cattails I Mean I think he just made the mistake of He got out of the open enough where my Buddy saw him it's going to stay at The Cattails it would have been a cat Mouse Game and they usually win that game yeah Like I said I really can't thank you

Enough for telling me because it Definitely made me feel relief you know Well and I I've been there done that I've lost it too with archery equipment Over the years so I can relate to uh the Unknown always haunting you a little Yeah a lot yeah exactly it sucks you put All the work and for something like that To happen it's just like oh yeah dude You made my day I just am so happy that You reached out and it may seem Insignificant to some but I it does mean A lot and I really appreciate it it's Pretty awesome no problem man no problem Have a great weekend yeah you too dude See ya [Music] [Music] Please [Music] It's time the non-hunting Hat the Hunting hat we're hunting now so we're Back in Minnesota we got Nick with me This time so gonna be way better than Having Keith with me trying for Redemption up here we got the snow it's Gonna be cold it's currently 17 degrees But my thought is is that although the Rifle season has come and gone deer Still have to rut and honestly with Being this cold visitor I mean it could be right right now Like this could be hot now maybe there's A magnum Land There we don't know what

You doing stink dough You stinking we're just gonna be mobile I'm trying not to freeze to death I Think that being able to read fresh sign Is exciting it's kind of like a late Season hunt and a rut hunt all mixed in One so pretty excited about being back What do you think Nick I'm fired up to be here but we got snow Camos on and my dad had one set of snow Camo cover I bought another that way We'd have two got white hats so we can Stay warm and concealed in the snow I've Never hunted in full on snow camo though I think it's gonna be hilarious I don't I don't know yeah I don't know if too Many people that have curious to see how It works I feel like it's one of those Deals where we just got an unfinished Business we learned so much about this Area and I feel like just want to you Know try again with a little bit Different weather we just had such warm Weather maybe incorporating a little bit Of tracking maybe a little bump and dump A little decoying all kinds of stuff Calling just a lot a lot of different Tactics we can try with the timing of The year and also with the snow allowing Us to find fresh sign very easily Pretty interesting though that's what I Was hoping to see we're all up at 115 You get a buck prison And dadgum open field there's deer out

There in the fields Man they're looking weird right get Their heads all tucked Oh Who is here But it's not mailed Oh man that's beautiful Snowbirds I'm half tempted just seriously to Cruise around tonight it's like there's So many deer moving right now yeah I Think we need to be mobile mobile Looking for these things man I'd love to Sit in the truck all day How you doing at Taco Bell's since worn Off I'm hungry that's just the laziness Enemies you know you haven't gotten up Done anything in a while you can Probably put something in your place hey Might as well eat you might a little bit Snacking Where are you at sad and fathered He laid up in a sad Spot somewhere I had daddy Big old sad daddy buck I'm gonna have to set up all day so It's gonna be tough but we're going to Every day like before daylight in the Dark it's kind of a warmer 16 years old Yeah it's on the warm side of 16 . if I realized something's coming I'm Definitely gonna try to get that glove Off yeah that's too much glove for me

[Music] Sure if I can be affected by extra Weight that is ice Oh dude Super Mag [Music] That's how efficient we're going to be Stopping to get eyes on one tonight We're gonna just try to cover as much Ground as possible and try to get a Gauge you know what they're doing it's Already 4 15. we got about an hour of Legal so I think we're just gonna drive Around try to cover ground try to get Eyes on one see what happens we did Shoot the bow and everything back at the Place so it's kind of got unloaded and Unpacked and shot now we're like ready To hunt we got all the gear on as you Can tell completely die completely they Were moving at one so hopefully they're Moving now man you'd hope you think You'd hope Colin says that's hard under components Tough on some good components That's where we saw the buck cross the Road It's weird strange People go to school in this we'd be out Of school for two weeks A little red activity Yeah he's I think he fits the mold The bottom yeah that's this other little Buck over here all right to the left of Him

Got there with all of them Basket right Where we're packing up tents right there The day before I went to set mine up [Music] Dropped my big duffel bag on the ground Look right next to it there's a big pile Of evenings It was like three days old but it was a Turd like that one I think I made Forever and always referred to as Minnesota Yeah just loved cutting out those images Back at the beginning this is for the Thp boys [ __ ] what do you got to say I'm better than that He's like I'm better than that Like the way you say it too like gives You the impression that it's gonna go Completely different way Oh we're so fortunate hanging out with These guys Well that's easy enough right there There he goes Huge buck What Jeez Mix just casually like there's a buck in The road I'm like big back in the road I could just tell it was a buck in the Road I couldn't tell nothing else about It He's just kind of lumbering his way Through there

There there you go right there We had intentions this morning of riding Around looking for box and basically Right where we were getting to where we Wanted to start really glass and we see A buck walk right in front of us and It's a big buck pretty excited about it He's going right down into the bedding Area that we were talking about hunting Him in last night it's gonna go in there And maybe try some aggressive tactics Here when I saw him I was kind of like This Book right there Camera Panic Nick coffee down camera up I knew he's gonna get a look at him up There off the road don't worry about it After we saw the buck we realized we Weren't really ready to go yet I had to Take an emergency bathroom break we had To get a quick gear check so about 30 Minutes later we had everything ready to Head into the woods after the buck on Our way to the spot that we planned on Parking to go in after that buck we Called Minnesota Mitch to give him an Update on what we had seen that morning And as we turned down the road that we Planned on parking on things got pretty Crazy yet again The bar it might be him It might be him Good box yeah that's him Yeah it's him Mitchell it's him

It's him hey go get him there he is Right there Two biggest bucks Where's he at when he was standing on The opposite Road Complete other side of the block on the Private on the road he ran right back Into public when we drove up to him oh You gotta move on him then yeah now the Win's in our favor all right well we Gotta go update me if you can it's not Just a calculator all right we'll talk To you later Well I'm glad he is on the road just in The road again was the other one oh yeah There there there's a deer running right There That's a shooter right there I think we maybe need to get in there All right do you think we go back up the Road up there And just track in that way the wind's More in your favor that way yeah I just Don't want to go across that opening Yeah I don't definitely don't want to Walk across that why don't you watch While I kind of get ready here Try to rattle If I don't have any luck we can either Work back that direction and try again Or Go from there again but if they went Anyway they went that way or that one I Think I would just get up to where we

Can get a little set up up there and Just try ride Foreign I mean if it's anything like a turkey is With a decoy they're going to be so Fixated on that They're not going to notice A guy back there like Dude that's the big eight pointer with Swooping tines Go back to the road back up Enough to just be walking down here and Just looks at me like oh hey get down Right here behind me and we just spent On this grass and chilling with this Decoy Point Blank Let's hope [Music] [Music] We went in there and we rattled a couple Times Decided to back out Because I don't really know where they Went it's real cold so we just decided To not sit in there just to stay mobile We're just gonna drive around and see if We can get eyes on a different buff and Then go back in there and set up tonight But either way we've seen deer going in There a lot and you know like it's Definitely a good chance it there's Multiple big bucks bedded on Swamp kind of surrounding and it's just A lot of habitat types coming together

Seems like a lot of deer are better back There so we're gonna go back there later But until then we're just gonna cruise Around and check out different pieces of Public land and see if we can see sign Or see deer or whatever probably too Cold to be out there all day so just Gonna not do that hopefully we don't get The truck stuck there's a lot of a lot Of drift roads out here rip Road looked Up a little bit ago smack in the middle Of a drift Road what he's trying to say Is the Block is Hot Do you think we have enough cover Honestly I just have been thinking that If we actually kill one I'm gonna just Move on it And you're just gonna probably have to Film from here I just don't see how We're both gonna pull it off if I need To hop on that lane I can just scoot Down that lane and maybe get to like 50 Yards before they even see me with this Decoy and then when they do might just Come right to it what do you think You get an opportunity to kill one if The conventional We're not gonna have Deer just walk by us Really like being right there because Then we can see that way and that way we Got room to like move on something You just stay right here for now [Music] [Music]

Foreign Foreign Foreign Oh man I don't think he has any idea what Happened That might have killed him had my Release not been froze and couldn't get My release on it was right here I got Ready and he was running and I was about Ready to draw and I couldn't get my Release on I release was just straight Up froze In my brain I was like I think you could Get up far enough right here and you'd Be able to make that shot oh and I did You see how far up I ended up okay If your voice wouldn't have been frozen Yeah Remember when you said right now you Have one run right past us Remember that remember how I'm an idiot Nah you're not we're in I'm an idiot I Went over there Big buck We came in here to set up To where we could see over here but then I got greedy and I wanted to see back That way we just had enough wind that Honestly I thought that we saw a buck up There I'd just be able to creep in this Decoy we kind of got caught off guard Because we saw him and I started to make That move it was working great he was

Not looking I was just easily moving Right up to Nick but then he started Running he ran right to 20 yards from me About 10 from Nick and then my released Was frozen which I should have been Paying more attention to that because it Happened when I went to practice at all Earlier and I should have had it in the Heat and then he ran between Nick and I And I just couldn't do anything then I Was drawn then I mean I kept it to the Left but he was between me and you just Got to be happy about it and Trying not to get bummed about it I mean That close man but see it's already Frozen again it's not opening Good job man I'm I'm sorry that I made That decision I wish I wouldn't have now Because We'd probably be partying trying not to Get too down about that You guys see anything yeah we should Have gotten what no yeah Pretty bad I look up and I just Immediately just see this big Bobby deer Up like maybe 80. yeah somewhere in There I'm cool with that because I kind Of expected that where I was I thought Well I'll just walk right up this Edge It's blowing and there's snow falling And like you know how all those Aspen Patches are kind of feathered out to Where it's like and then there's just Those like whippets at the very end yeah

But I'm making fast moves just keep my Eyes on them I can tell he's not Reacting to me doing anything I just Don't think he can see me at all and I Have like a couple big Windows just to Nick's left So I just kind of slide right into Position get down and he's not still Running right like has no idea and when I made that last move I got past those Like whippets there DM like I just Pushed all the way out I'm gonna put my Release on Frozen and I would have been drawn as Soon as he starts to like yeah yeah in a Frozen release and I just mess with it Mess with it mess with it finally like As it's too late he's passed but you Would have got a shot of his release Probably I think so because I remember Being like if you get drawn you got him Oh I mean there's there's 10 things that We could have done differently Nick need A beer yeah And that whole time he just like comes Right to the point like Point Blank and It's just a no-brainer 20 pin like top 10. [Applause] We can blame the release all day but Like there's a lot of things that we Could have done differently yeah there You go I'll have you not started Drinking again

Stay strong today It's our second day morning I guess back Over here in Minnesota and it's one Degree we're just trying to stay Positive after a tough loss last night We got a big buck over here I got eyes On him once and I kind of lost him in The tall stuff I'm gonna try to pin Where he's at and then just kind of make A loop around and see if we can get eyes On him we lost him for a good bit And kind of eyes on a small buck and Then we saw the big buck popping out to Run them off so I'm going back into the Cattail so we're just gonna keep easing Up there and listen just trying to make It seem like we're another Buck coming In on him Yes he's right here You know when you got that PMA the good Things happen You think about that