SHOT FIRED in Minnesota! – Did We SEE A WOLF???

By | November 12, 2022

We adjust to hunting pressure, see a wolf, and get a shot at a big buck on public land!



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Good morning from Minnesota previously On the thp channel we were in North Dakota and Jake shot a buck probably one Of the coolest shots on a deer I've ever Seen if you want to watch that video you Can click the link right here then the Next day catch out above in Iowa during The Early Muzzleloader season and if you Haven't seen that video you can click Right here and watch that as well but After the North Dakota hunt Jake and Nick left to go back to Iowa they're Going to be hunting there for a little Bit and I just was kind of hanging loose In North Dakota it's been a day Reorganizing editing doing podcasts Stuff like that and then I was trying to Decide where I wanted to go next talk to The rest of the guys and we decided that Minnesota made the most sense so last Night I drove over here been interested In hunting Minnesota for years now so I'm excited to actually get a chance to Try it I think the cool thing about Minnesota is is there's tons and tons of Different habitat across the state I've Been pinned in different areas on the Map for a long time and it's cool to Actually be here checking some of it out I've never been in this particular area That I'm at right now but a little bit Of a back story on it I've been looking At it on the map for years and and back In August I got a message from a guy

Named Mitch and he was like hey man I've Got this cabin in Minnesota if you guys Are ever in the area and you need a Place to stay you're more than welcome To stay at our cabin and he ended up Sending me the coordinates I put it into My Onyx and I was like oh yeah that's Right by a bunch of places that I have Marked that I'm interested in so I Decided to drive over here last night I Met up with Mitch and his brother Tate Had a blast telling hunting stories and Talking with those guys super cool of Them to let me just come stay at the Cabin and really for the next two or Three days I gotta edit a bunch of video And podcasts so I'm gonna be doing that I'm not gonna be hunting for the next Couple days but in the morning and in The evening first and last Light I'm Going to spend some time driving around Checking out these different public land Areas and when we do that it usually Pays off for us in the long run this Area that I'm scouting right now is kind Of a unique mix of AG land planes land Marshland and kind of even a North Woods Feel to it there's even Oaks scattered In so it's just a very unique habitat I've never really been in anything quite Like this I've been in stuff similar but Not quite like this so I'm gonna Scout Here for a little bit here in a couple Days when I'm done editing I think Keith

Is going to come up and join me which I'm excited about I have a hunter with Keith much this year at all so pretty Excited to hunt with him we're near our Chair Look I'm excited to be in Minnesota First time holding the tag in this state Dreamed about this day for a long time So we'll catch up with you all later Matthew's against the bear yeah I gotta shoot this thing old old school Gotta put one of these on well the other Things do draw a smoothie Oh my gosh That's why I don't shoot a wrist release I was hoping that that's what you're Gonna comment on and not be like dude That felt great it didn't it didn't look Good That looked a little smooth yeah that Felt better actually this is actually Really impressive I'm buying one you Think so absolutely you want to try this Yeah I do want to try that so this is How you hold it no no that pressure is Going to come you're gonna get your Thumb on there am I doing that wrong Still no that's right and then you're Just it's gonna be like this so how does This close back up well you straight up Never shot one never shot I don't know That it's nothing about foreign My hair is probably gonna pull this Trigger

So I don't like it I've shot that same exact release since I was a teenager you know I had one Other release ever and I just switched To this one because this honestly Because it looked more like the one my Dad was using really yep how super Thankful that Mitch and Tate were giving Me a place to stay I was able to get a Lot of work done there and had a lot of Fun hanging out with those guys pretty Much right away I knew that these guys Were going to be friends of mine for Life we just hit it off really well We're having a blast telling hunting Stories and getting to know each other But the whole time that I was there I Had intentions of hunting public land in The Hill Country region of the state Where I had filmed Jake in 2018 during The public land Challenge and I had Turkey hunted there multiple times so When I finally got done with the work I Said goodbye to the brothers and headed Out to meet Keith in the Hill Country I Just felt like I had a lot of confidence In that area and I had started to learn The landscape and had areas that I was Interested in going back to as soon as We got there we were overwhelmed with The number of people that were on the Public land there are so many people Hunting and participating in other forms Of recreation that we weren't even able

To find available campsites so after two Days of never even getting out of the Truck and just seeing people everywhere We went we decided that we're going to Hit the road and head back to Mitch and Tate's Place by going back there if we Knew at the very least we were going to Be able to enjoy sharing camp with Fellow bow Hunters with kind of that Classic deer camp feel All right so we did enough driving Around in the part of the state that we Were at where there was some hills and We decided that we need to get out so we Just saw tons of people it was kind of Overwhelming kind of forced us into Getting out of our comfort zone or in a Different area completely than what We've ever hunted so kind of just Looking forward to trying something Different I think up to this point I've Already kind of explained what we're Dealing with here it's just pretty open Pretty flat but we're gonna start Putting boots on the ground all I've Ever done up to this point is just drove Around all these areas and definitely Deer definitely buck so pretty excited Minnesota finally gonna get out of the Truck and go hunting Pucker up get their shooting rifles in The flat I saw a few does and that was it but I Saw a bunch of sign in this area just

Driving down the road when I was here so Figured we'd come look at it but we're Gonna go back to the truck I got some Different areas probably start walking In places and putting boots on the Ground pretty exciting we're gonna start Figuring it out Foreign Brush between two cat tails kind of like A skinny part of an hourglass it's just This little brush patch that's dry There's a fresh rub definitely deer Working these transition Lines no doubt Just gotta find something with more Fresh sign we think all right so it's Four o'clock and we're gonna go into This place that I've been driving around Quite a bit and I've been seeing deer on A green field but they're all coming out Of the public land the public private Line is that field so what we're gonna Do is just work our way into the wind Covering the property boundary then Whenever we see sign we're probably Going to set up we're gonna take Saddles With us in this situation I feel like Climbing up to a tree to just observe Get visuals and then when we need to get Aggressive we're going to get out and Make stocks or we're just gonna push Really tight to where we can get as Close as possible to where we think Bucks are betting and set up on the Ground with it being so flat here

There's not a whole lot of opportunity To get up to a high point in glass which Is typically what we like doing but in This super flat stuff I mean it's a Unique situation calls for some unique Tactics I'm excited about it It's like real fresh ice cream I just jumped hey dear we're just past a Fresh breath like Super Fresh but we Don't know what that deer was can we Just get to the edge of these trees and If it opens up just set up We're up in this tree on this Edge and Right there's the field where we've been Seeing the deer there's already one out There we also saw another deer come Across this big opening there's also a Mysterious dog out there but if it's a Coyote it's a huge coyote or a wolf I'm Not really sure if my mind's playing Tricks on me or not but it looks big and It just seems pretty chill out there It's laying down I think I filmed it Laying down just an observation set more Or less I mean on the way in here we saw Tons of signs there's tons of transition Lines in here we're just trying to get Up high to where we can see a lot I mean I honestly feel so awkward in this Saddle who knows maybe we'll see one but Few minutes left and be able to make a Move to cut the distance get a shot but Really just trying to learn this area And we definitely have confirmed that

There's a lot of deer in here so just See what happens tonight and then we'll Continue to make game plans to hunt this Area down Yeah there's a deer coming down this Edge Outside Seriously I wanted to do a tag in that Moment so bad because that was chipper Well we definitely learned some stuff Tonight we saw a ton of deer it's all One smaller Buck he seemed like he was Cruising pretty hard we saw other does Too all over the place just kind of Going every which direction so just know That there's High numbers of deer in This time of the year that's what we Really like to find I mean some of my Best late October hunts have just been In high deer density areas so you'll Definitely see us back in the spot it's Only day one hunting Minnesota so we Feel pretty confident we kind of have a Standard set now for what's really good Bucks on and we're going to keep looking For other spots that way we can be as Aggressive as possible in these areas Can just Bounce from one to the next and We got options no matter what the wind Or conditions are so pretty good first Day dude I'm pretty great that night we Got back to the cabin and Mitch and Tate's cousin Devin had just shot his First deer with a bow we were super

Excited for him it was a big doe and we Celebrated by cooking up the heart and Telling our stories from what happened That night Our wolf Yeah I didn't know He said oh you definitely saw Anything cool it's crazy Got a wolf on her hand you ever seen one And he laid down right there I'd like to Get honestly get way closer footage it'd Probably be insane yeah Stay tuned here and we're back on the Piece that we hunted last night just a Different access point we're gonna hike In here and just Scout as much as we can We slept in this morning because it's Blowing like probably 40 50 mile an hour At times while we're doing that it's Going to give us great conditions too Potentially sneak up on something if Something is moving around and we can Get eyes on it there's a pretty good Chance we're gonna be able to get close To it so there's just so many different Transition lines out here that we're Gonna just cover as many as we can and Just try to find areas that have Buck Sign in them when we find the buck sign That's where we're gonna try to revisit Here when the weather continues to get Better we're gonna get in there Run around and have a good time place on It

After our observation setup on day one And Scouting Around on day two in that Same area we started to put together a Plan of how we figured bucks were going To be cruising through that area while We were scouting we found a bunch of Dough beds and we found Buck trails that Had rubs on them that were confirming That they were using them this season And that made us feel super confident Going back to that same area for the Morning of day three Man that looks sharp Dude does this look good Sharp looking one of the most important Things you're putting your face paint on Is looking cool man Making sure you Feel good I mean you've seen the PV hunks look how Important it is it's got them on the TV Dude I look sharp Pretty much the first morning hunt for Me of the Season we've been out glassing A lot but haven't actually deer hunted In the morning yet so keep a nice got Out of that spot yesterday and we saw a Bunch of line back in there and then the Night before we saw a bunch of deer Coming right out of that spot we know There's a bunch of does bedding in there We found a bunch of dope beds we saw Those coming out of there going to that Green field and we just think that we

Can get on a specific transition line Where bucks are going to be cruising Crossing those doe Trails you know West Wind it's about the perfect wind speed We got rain last night so everything's a Little bit damp and we decided that We're gonna just push in and try to get As much in the middle of the action as Possible it's going to be aggressive but We're already like racking up the spots That we feel confident in we have Options if we get too aggressive in this Area we can bounce to other spots that We feel confident in but I'm pretty Excited about this I think this could Like really just work and be could be The hunt you know so it's gonna be a Good time it's gonna be challenging Foreign Foreign Right That's how good it did it Look at him I think I might hit him too high Foreign Sound good Than I talked about last night like man I think we should just push to like the Middle and we did it I mean I bet he was Right there I think he just heard us Shuffling around in here and then we Started like you could hear him like Just we just started making enough noise So let's watch that one

Definitely sounds like it cracks bone Then he ran up there and he stopped Which I mean can mean a number of things But then it sounded like he either took Off again or he crashed and I don't know Which The thing that I don't like about it This is the arrow sticking out in that Loud crack and I don't know if it was Too high or not I mean like something Tells me that like it might be too Hot which just sucks We don't really know what to do unless You like watch one fall yeah she's Either dead or it's a non-level hit I Would say that's where I'm at with it It's like it's either too high I just Hit that big part Sounds like it's a liver shock over There we got to sit here if I messed up On the shot that's on me but like as far As what you know our strategy was I'm Pretty proud of that Oh yeah yeah it's aggressive in these Spots that we know We feel super confident if you tiptoe Around a morning goes by then another Evening goes by then another day then Another day and another day and next Thing you know you're just like Wandering still like man what happens if We go in there but then you also have in The back of your mind too it's like man I've been out in that area a lot if I

Put too much pressure on it well if you Just go straight to the X especially When you have the conditions for it this Morning super damp so we were able to Speak way in here I mean we're deep in The thick we didn't spook a single deer I'm hopeful I'm helpful but I'm nervous I'm definitely nervous In here I've been seeing deer when I was editing I've been seeing deer on this Greenfield Bordering this piece we start coming in Here and it's like just keeps looking Better and better just get right It's like a meadow here not a ton of Cover but you know down at Deer level It's just super grassy it's like Immediately there's a deer movement Right in front of us at like Point Blank I don't know he messes around for a long Time and I just date John and I should Have let down and eventually just walked Out 20 yards broadside one never even Looking at us and I stopped him and I Made a ton of noise and he just looked At us and I he was so close I shoot and It hits him immediately he doesn't look Like he drops in the footage at all but I just And he just took off running and there Was an arrow sticking out so I just Don't know I mean you probably just Shoved it through some shoulder I mean That's that's what I'm hoping I just

Don't I mean We just don't know my gut says it Something is not good it could have just Been the way that his shoulder blade was Oriented like the way he was standing in My back too straight through that like Always Trail this long like you don't Remember when he ran if it was like Ford Or by the time I saw the arrow he was Like facing straight away from me and I Just saw it sticking out so you you kind Of know where he went like audibly but You never like you didn't see because It's probably way too big yeah I mean he Made it you know 60 yards and then he's Out of sight sounds like he's not gonna Wear clothes yeah I thought about just Giving it a little look for some blood And then just maybe even back out I Don't know right you don't have any rain Coming No nice yeah I mean that's what that Makes sense Foreign It sounds good the next it's like kind Of sounds like a high hit You want to get that coffee rolling up That sounds like it's so much about Black it just doesn't sound right to me But like even this one the warp shot was Not much different this sounds We might still have more of a Few yeah but this is just like Foreign

I think he's Quarter Two And if I hit Him right there and that's just the Arrow hitting his bone then he's dead Like I'm not worried about the Penetration really at all I'm mostly Just worried about not being too high or Not All the forces needed to get enough Penetration yeah again as long as it's Not too high Find where he vetted and got back up or Whatever and you think it wasn't lethal I mean at that point it's not that you Went out too early it said he's probably Not dead if he's not dead He probably just kept running you know Like he probably isn't gonna bid you Know I think what we're gonna do is just Go look and then if we need to make a Plan B we can line up the dog thing and Just see what happens Just let us know it's 133. we're gonna Go back here and look for this Buck we Do have the option of a dog and the Reason that we chose not to use the dog In this situation Probably have a better chance with four Or five hours left in the day to get a Follow-up shot where if we come in here With a dog it's probably going to stir Things up a little bit more and make it Way harder to get a follow-up shot I Think if the situation was different the Shot was back then we would probably

Approach this a lot different and use a Dog but it's either perfect or too high Those are the two options that we're Going to go try to find out All right so right back there is where We shot him from and then right here is The trail that he came down I'm thinking That because he was on this Trail like This that he was probably more quarter To than I thought I'm hoping that's why There's that loud crack and I'm hoping That I shot low enough so pretty sure he Went right down this Trail and then Peeled back to the left we're just Basically gonna yeah start following and See what happens He's done Pretty bare minimum right there but We got some guys just trouncing around In here I'm public land maybe but what happened Those guys are literally right where He's headed so I don't know nothing we Can do You saw those guys Oh hello Your Colorado truck yeah wow what are You driving okay like I was gonna Say I kicked the deer out of there but Wasn't the book you guys just scouting Or what no we're working we're again Nice nice so where can we manage this Land nice what's your mission today just Going and looking for illegal deer

Stands actually I can tell you where Some are What do you have any UPS so we don't Wait no I don't have any stand-up now Yeah if you want to tell us where they Are you can't have a stand on here at All I can't leave it open so yeah then There's one like right in here yesterday When we were scouting in here we dropped Down in here I mean it's thicker through There okay so did you see the trail Camera that's right nope right there There's a camera too Which not mine either well if you Brought it out this morning and picked It up in the evening yeah and I don't Like it I mean we're not sitting here Looking for every but when these are Like obviously left in the tree right it Starts causing damage I mean yeah thank You we find it yeah it was nice talking Video guys yeah Me and our workers looking for illegal Stands really yeah cool dudes believe it Or not I like to talk and do them Example of Zach how can someone's hero Just met Matt and John over there and They're checking for stands you're not Allowed to have permanent stand out here Like not even overnight like that trail Camera we found yeah and I told him About us we've been probably making it I Don't know 100 yards 60 from a shot okay Okay I mean he could just beat right in

Here somewhere this is the direction we Heard that crashing but we might have Just heard him go through that Timber I'm hoping now that it just broke that Front shoulder that's all we're hoping For The way and then they get died down and Then it's like and now all of a sudden We're on ready to get those new blood I'm just feeling weird because we Probably went 500 yards I'm just checking it tracking a deer In your in your state How much penetrations you get I don't Know I think there was Six to ten inches of arrow sticking out Pretty deep didn't you yeah I've always Tracked him so far I mean we're still Just like he hasn't vetted do you think Stay on blood or you think bailout at This point Yet or does it need more time I mean the Only thing that for me as me personally Is don't start grid searching yeah yeah If you want to move slowly and quietly Like you're doing yeah and then as soon As it starts getting sketchy just mark It with tissue or something so I know is That where it's at yeah I mean I don't Want to be looking at a piano not only If I want to see something physically on The ground yeah we'll get you something There and when I get out of this Volleyball game my daughter I'll call

You and see what's up because I need to Head up there I will man that would be That'd be pretty sweet I'd love to have You we'll figure out what it said or or It's alive okay Sounds good see ya that's what friends Are for I guess dude is just like I'll Be there tonight if you want me to be I Mean it's just going and going and going He's never bedded we've got a couple Markers here that's last Blood I mean I Don't know none of it's good I think That's the thing it's just like at this Point I clearly did some things wrong so Just gotta see if Shane can you know Help confirm that it's non-lethal or Maybe we'll find him tomorrow I don't Know but at this point it's getting dark And just talk with him and then come Back here in the morning get out of here Don't don't film all the messiness Truck it's amazing this this old thing Still runs you know 316 000 that's Awesome Come on over Come on over don't let her jump out She's gone So this is kind of the angle that he was At and I'm thinking that I was Definitely in this quarter I don't think that it was that high yeah You get up that high then you're you're No man yeah I hope you didn't hit too High that's my only concern if he was

Hit double long could he have made it 650 yards yeah you think man we've Tracked deer the double along it lived Really we didn't have trail cam pictures Of him later with perfect hole on the Other side you know it's it's amazing What these especially just rut bucks Because they're like we call them zombie Deer yeah because I mean I tracked one One year I'll give you one more example We tried one one year double long and Last rate of the heart now I didn't cut The chamber open but it could have been Cut right through the heart 1500 yards It would and then died yeah I think I Might hit him too high that's important Though usually your initial thought Is usually accurate yeah because when I Talk to Hunters and they start Rethinking and you know 10 hours later They convinced himself it was different I'm like what was your initial response Oh I thought the shot was great we track It the shot was great you know like go With your initial thought of what's Happened a non-pass-through and you're Hunting from the ground they don't Usually offer a lot of blood to follow And we may see muscle Blood on the on The trail but you're always going to Have that because when you poke through The sides you're cutting muscle See now that gets a little brighter I don't know let's see there's some

Darkness here and there's really light There It's hard to say sometimes blood is Deceiving hopefully we can find deer and We can answer all these questions so we Shot Let him go for Two and a half hours yeah and then we Work worked up and around here and again We didn't talk on the way out through Here and then we went back to the truck Came back at like 1 1 30 by the time we Started track and it was probably two it Was probably 4 30 when I was calling you Yeah you gave him a fair amount of time So All right let's do it Let's see we should see if she makes it The last mud you pretty sure you know The last one It is all marked too Cali you ready Find a girl Find it All right so we're on the track with Cali And uh we had to last Blood through that Timber if I remember correctly I feel Like being here I remember exactly how It moves because this is where I was Starting to feel like you might be Bedded Find it So once Shane got Cali started on the Trail they immediately took off in the

Same line that the buck was traveling When we were following blood the night Before they followed that same line Until Cali stopped and started making Circles and we caught up with them and Sat down and talked with Shane about What they had found so far from there And then right here she started doing Circles and then she just started Walking back I mean pretty much the Direction that we thought was yeah most Probable sit sit stay just relax rest up A little bit catch your breath So what we're going to do is go back to Where that last blood was try to get Cali back on it and see what happens From there I mean Shane said sometimes You know you could walk right past the Beer or she could get on a different Deer's Trail or something and You know get messed up so all hope is Not lost yet But it's not looking good We took Cali back to last Blood to try Again Shane explained to us that 70 of The time when the deer is dead countley Finds it on the first go the other Thirty percent of the time she finds him On the second try on the next try Cali LED Shane passed the spot they had Stopped the first attempt and continued In that same general direction that the Buck had been headed the whole time yeah I thought we were on it we went way down

There how soon she popped and hit we Went to a Thicket that looked great so This is a place There you can smell a big strong Ruddy Buck sometimes I smell them before we Find you but never saw anything And then a moose in its calf I'm not zipping by out now Yeah they're out here One of the things that's super helpful In this situation and something I find Myself using more and more is the Onyx Tracking tool whatever application you Choose to use if you're using a tracking Tool I think it really helps when you're Tracking a deer in this situation it Helped us know exactly where we had Covered and we could compare each route That Cali took when we restarted her on The trail so there's Our first line I guess where we went of Course she kind of backed up in there And then I brought her back If I had to guess the deer did that and It continued on and the fact that it Went that far tells me that's a Non-lethal hit um That's a long way for a deer to go if You saw the arrow sticking out on a Quarter and two shot and then you Started getting blood on the other side The only way to explain that is you hit High enough where the back's narrower The blood I saw in person looks like

Muscle blood be nice to locate this deer And we'd have to answer yeah there's a Tough career especially these rut bucks So what do you think Um I mean is there any point in doing Anything else at this point or you think Just since I think this is probably the The situation that every Hunter Struggles with when you're me in this Situation you're looking for that Confirmation from somebody else it's Like should I give up or am I am I a bad Guy if I give up like I said if this is Me out here tracking my dear with the Dog I was I'm pretty confident in her Right now that every Year's not out here Now could it be dead two miles away There's only so much you can do yeah Something that I learned from Shane is That Cali usually finds the deer when They're mortally wounded because those Deer leave a different scent behind that Cali can follow even if there's no Visible blood to follow that's how in a High deer density area she's able to Differentiate the deer that was hit from Other deer that are moving in the area But because deer that aren't fatally Wounded don't leave that same scent it Usually means the shot was non-lethal I'm just sleeping now yeah she's wore Out she'll be ready we'll see you later Thanks for thanks for your help Oh she's sad too because she doesn't get

A deer Lake All right man we'll see you later all Right good luck see ya Compare yourself send me a picture when You kill one I'm going tomorrow we have Confirmed with Shane I guess that you Know we made all the right decisions up To this point and we didn't find him and We're calling off the search I mean it's Been you know a day and a half since we Shot and It's really not any more signs past the Last Blood we found yesterday I know my tendency is to shoot High my Gut instinct was that it was high you Know I kind of expected this even right After I shot I mean you can tell I'm Beating myself up about shooting high Right out of the gate you know it would Be a lot different if we hit him back And I think that crack is probably just Hitting too high in the scapula I've hit Bucks there before especially when I was Younger 2019 I hit a buck I had blood Coming out of him quite a bit of it Blood But Then Greg shot that same buck in January and I think we're probably Dealing with pretty much the same exact Thing on this one I'd say that he just Kept on going he never bedded Shane and Cali made multiple huge Loops a You know he said when you bring a dog Out like that you're just kind of

Confirming that the deer probably lived Now can never be sure but as far as the Effort we put into it I feel good about You know this is a situation that a lot Of hunters are in and I hate it because Definitely know that I can do better but I think just trying to focus on the Positives our plan worked so we should Be proud of that I mean we came into a New area that we've never been to and we Got a shot opportunity sorry to the deer Sorry to everybody watching I wish that That would have played out differently But mistakes were made and we're just Gonna try to Keep a positive mental attitude it's Probably the hardest thing to do in bow Hunting but we'll be all right we just Just learned from the mistakes man I Mean focus on the positives and move Forward it's very tough and Similar boat this season you know I Encourage you to try your best to do the Same and I'm gonna be talking like I'm Gonna do it really easily but It hurts it's hard I feel terrible and I Really wish things would have went Better but hey Move on we'll do better the next time