“SMELL THEM ACORNS” Dragging Bucks and Trailers

By | December 14, 2022

Jay goes after a nice 10 point and has some issues on the way to get it.

All right so As luck would have it uh and what always Happens it's what seems like it always Happens I know that uh I'm sure it Happens to you guys too Um but the buck that Eve and I have been hunting uh during Gun season here The past week uh which we haven't seen Um he daylighted this morning On the exact spot where he and I've been Hunting so Uh of course I was at work and there was No way of getting out of work I knew Today would be a great day to hunt uh I Wanted to hunt but there was no way that I could call off work today so Uh while I was at work my camera was Sending me pictures of this buck So I got my work done and uh got home Got changed And I've got about probably an hour uh Here before dark so once I get in there Um so I'm gonna get there slip in there As quiet as I can and just hope that This Buck uh decided to bed close And decides to get up before dark so I Do not have Ian with me so he's he's at School uh and then right after school He's got workouts so he can't uh he Can't go this afternoon The good news is uh I've been scouting Around some moving cameras And I have found a couple other bucks

That uh that are good ones that he would Be tickled to death with so Uh we haven't given he hasn't given up Yet but Uh With this Buck daylight this morning I Just feel like our my best chance is now So I'm gonna Get down here as quick as I can uh get My stuff I'm self filming so that's a Challenge is everyone that that has Tried it nice but uh I'm gonna get in There and uh just hope man I hope that this guy shows up I talked To Josh and Zach earlier Zach had an Awesome hunt this morning uh I don't Know if we've already showed you that or You'll be seeing it soon but uh sounds Like the deer are are moving today so I'm excited to get down here I'm about halfway in here to where I Want to get Basically hunting this Ridge that is Bedding one pretty much all around it Once I get out here to the end so I'll be overlooking this bowl it's kind Of a low spot in the ridge where the Deer like to cross so Hoping to get out there without busting Anything Getting in here close to the to the tree So We have to come out of the South Right now which is good

Kind of Southwest a little bit And I'm really Really out right over this Over this that would be the ideal Situation It could be better than straight out in Front too there's a nice big Brushy Hillside over there where the deer liked To bed and that would work too I just hope he's not over on this side So I'm all set up Oh yeah I know what you're thinking and yes I'm In a ladder stand Um It was the best option honestly I didn't Have any uh That Stan was already here so I've never I've never Fits up I was a little concerned but I was able To get my camera arm you know Should be good I can move it but Um I got in here without spooking anything I just moved when the wind blew Wind blew South Wind Trade across from me just Super um Brushy Point Around this around the point here On this side I experiences being

As people also have a attack to cam Mounted to Oh I'm still able to film it Because I don't think be able to do it With It what they say I'm excited this deer daylighted this Morning he was uh he was walking this Flat I got a camera right down there They walk this Edge Got a camera down They walked through here about I think it was around eight 15 30 something Was headed that way so I'm hoping he Just went around Through Thank you Because Foreign Yes He's down right there Yes baby Yes Foreign I hadn't been here I hadn't been here uh Oh my gosh I hadn't been here 15 minutes That's the deer that's the year I was After Oh my God Ian and I hunted that deer Last week all weekend never saw him

I came in here and scouted uh About Three or four weeks ago on the camera And got that deer's picture and uh That's the one we wanted to hunt so We honored him Ian passed up a lot of Bucks small bucks uh there's about three There's three good bucks in here and That's one of them Oh my gosh Thank you Lord Oh it's the first day that I've uh I've Carried a gun this uh this rifle season And uh It's unbelievable Unbelievable he's down right there Watching fall What's crazy is I mean The deer that Ian shot last year Uh it died it Shot it right here it fell Maybe Five yards from where this one just Crashed with the same gun So Well now Uh I gotta refocus on Ian There's a there's a there's a really Good nine point and an eight point in Here that uh I can hopefully get him one In the next few days Before we get him a shot I can't I mean I'm just I cannot believe got a picture Of this deer this morning so we I knew He was in the area

I knew I had to get in here today And uh I was not expecting him to show up as Early as he did uh he literally must Have just been vetted right over the Face here Um Just like back in bow season you guys Need to go back and check out uh there's Back in mid-october I killed a uh I Killed an eight point down in southern West Virginia And what's funny about that honey is I Got a little cold and I put my my puffy Jacket on and while I was putting my Puffy jacket on is when that deer showed Up well I literally Just Just put my puffy jacket on got my Orange vest back on and my finals and as Soon as I clip my finals I looked and I Saw his antlers coming up over the hill Right there It's crazy I gotta call Dad I don't know about you guys but I always make a few phone calls from the Tree And I usually tell Micah but I always call my dad Hello hey Guess what You know that big 10 point down at uh Yeah yeah I just shot him

Yeah Well he's gonna scan you I already Called even I told him I got its picture this morning at like 8 30 so I knew it was going to be in here I mean somewhere close Slipped in here I hadn't been sitting Here for 15 minutes And I look up and he's walking right up The hill to me All right finally got everything packed Up here and uh I'm gonna climb down go Take a look at him Foreign Going about 40 45 yards I'd say it was Shot Oh yeah he's blowing instantly Yeah guys Here It's not bleeding a ton But you can see bubbles in it It's always good I always like looking at it Even though yeah he's right there Watching the fall I like looking at it Just trying to learn from it There's definitely some bubbles in there It's good bright blood Oh baby Oh my gosh This is a good beer guys look at this Heck yeah baby What's up beautiful Beautiful

Putnam County 10 point right there Man's got something on his chin there Let's go Yes Oh don't really help too far Yeah There he is Beautiful On County 10 point Just real even Got all kinds of gnarly stuff down here On his bases Awesome So I've already called the already called Dad and uh called the Called Josh and him and Harry are Actually going to be we're down Logan Right now but they're gonna be coming up This way so I'm going to uh I'll go get him feel dressed and get a Tag on him and then uh head back to the House and get the four-wheeler and stuff And then wait for those guys and They're gonna come back here and help me Drag him up his Hill and get him loaded Up so Awesome day uh awesome hunt it was a Quick hunt But uh Not really because we've been we've been After this deer for about two weeks so Just happened to be quick today so it's Awesome hope I hope the rest of you guys

Are having a uh a good season Well I got a field tag on him And I'm headed back to the truck now Going to the Head to the house Get my four-wheeler Meet up with uh hopefully Josh and Hearing Loss with Dad I don't know You all might come but Oh Come back in here and get him That's fun part All right well Harry and I just got back Over towards my house And To our happiness Jay has shot a deer Uh earlier this afternoon and Harry and I are on the recovery mission for it so Headed to meet Jay I just now received a Text from Jay And he lost his trailer down here on the Road so we're going down to help him uh Reconnect his truck to his trailer and Then we're gonna go down and recover the Deer that he had shot So could be a long evening I don't know What what this trailer deal is or how it Even come unhooked but we're gonna go Down here on the road and find out help Him out Get back running and Uh go down here and get this deer so

Zach and I are not we're out earlier and Harry was with us and I saw a lot of Deer ended up seeing one that we wanted To get after Um was not a successful day but it was a Successful day so stay tuned for that Video Oh well She even at Christmas On my way uh back down here to get this Deer And I hit a bump Oh boy That's not good I heard an awful noise Sporks were flying And uh looks like my trailer Come off the hitch so That's uh That's not good I do not know how Germany I Think we can just I think we can just listen you do not Have a pen in it yes I had to pin in it You need to get out get that thing back Up Ready Put them all down your way okay There are sparks flying I don't know my back's tore up You guys be careful thank you baby That's why you're running them chains

Exactly right that's exciting Just a little hiccup there we got that Taken care of Back on the road Oh really good Man Yeah man That's a dancer No I didn't have any help You got the you got the trail slope Helping you You broke your knife didn't you love me I'm just kidding I ain't got nothing I mean nothing Dude that's awesome man yep He got a little ranky on him He he got a huh I just barely make it that's all I've Done the other day with Brody's at Bowie Killed Oh yeah that stuff's coming out now All right I mean my face is just Smelling my acorns right down there That's what my my buddy just stabbed it Right in the stomach and he just you'd Be sitting going You smelling my acorns Beautiful