SOUTH DAKOTA BUCK w/ a BOW! (Deer Hunting the Rut!!!)

By | November 23, 2022

Greg knocks down a buck in South Dakota!!


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Thank you After an epic month of October the first Week of November found us in Minnesota Kansas Iowa and myself in South Dakota For a week of hunting before I headed Back to the Midwest to meet up with the Guys to hunt the peak of the rut coming Off several good Buck Encounters in late October and with great weather ahead I Was optimistic I'd get an opportunity at A buck in short order but that optimism Was quickly met with reality as I hunted The best spots on this property and had Almost nothing to show for it not only Was I not seeing any bucks I was hardly Seeing any deer from the stand period In fact the only excitement I'd had was An encounter with a coyote on the Morning of November 4th Give that coyote a shave at this point It would be easy to get discouraged but My previous experience hunting in this Area has been that the running activity Seems to occur slightly later than what You would expect while I've had some Great hunts here in the past couple Years I've seen very little cruising Chasing or rut related behavior during The first week to 10 days of November in Fact at times I've seen bucks traveling Together as if still in Bachelor groups And most of the deer activity I've seen Is simply bed to food travel in 2021 I Had a similar experience and when I shot

My buck on November 10th it was only the Fourth deer I had seen from the stand at That point but a couple days after that It seemed like there was an explosion of Rutting activity and I saw over 20 deer Including several shooter bucks all in One spot on this property so with that Experience in mind I knew I needed to Reset get my eyes on more of this Property find where the deer were coming Out knowing that if I could at least Locate a family group of does and fawns That I'd eventually find the box as well So on the evening of November 4th I Glassed the west side of the property Where I'd seen that large group of deer In 2021 and sure enough there was Multiple family groups of does and fawns Coming out of the hills and feeding in The Hayfield below by the end of the Evening I tallied 15 antlerless deer and Even though I didn't spot a buck I was Confident that it would just be a matter Of time two days later I had perfect Conditions to hunt that spot and Carefully scouted my way in in fact I Had slipped in so close that I had to Wait for a group of does and fawns to Get up head down to the field so I could Slip in and set up right where they had Been in a spot that would give me the Best shot opportunities that any deer Coming out of the hills heading towards The hay field as soon as I got set up I

Had does and fawns around me and by the End of the evening almost all of them Had passed within bow range with none of Them knowing that I was even there The only downside to that evening was I Didn't see any bucks with these does but Once again I knew it was just a matter Of time the Bucks would be there Three days later I had the same wind to Hunt that spot and even better yet it Was 15 degrees colder with a strong Northwest wind and a snowstorm blowing In that evening Well I just got out to the property that I'm hunting here it is shortly after Noon and there's a bunch of deer already Up on their feet There's a snowstorm moving in tonight so They're up and feeding early this is the Hay field that I scouted the other day And this is probably a lot of the same Does and fawns that I saw that evening It's good to see that they're moving That's for sure But it's going to make it tricky to get Up into the spot that I want to hunt Oh there's a buck Pretty good Buck too Following some does That might actually be the buck I had an Encounter with in late October Had them on the edge of bow range and Then he got spooked That's what I've been waiting to see

Well that's exactly what I was hoping to Have happen in this spot find the does Find the Bucks Except that I'd be up in the timber with My bow in hand where I could actually Get a shot Hopefully they're going to go back up The ridge in bed in fact it kind of Seems like that's what they're doing now Buck is working his way back up in the Timber does are kind of heading in that Direction as well Nice dog in the does Yeah there is a bunch of deer out here There's more than I thought there's Another group of does and fawns on the Hillside to my left Now they're heading back up Well the main group of deer have made it Back up the Ridge and are out of sight Right now this other group Kind of browsing and a couple of them Fawns are bedded on the hillside over Here so I'm gonna go I think I'm gonna go park in a low spot Top out in this waterway that runs Towards where I want to hunt that will Hopefully keep me out of sight of this Other group of does and fawns and I'm Basically I'm going to go right up Behind where there's where these other Deer went up the Ridge and try to get in A tree that I actually hunted it a few Days ago and it ended up working out

Really well just didn't see any bucks That evening but I had a bunch of does Come by with some bow range and that's All that's pretty much where all these Deer are going back up right now so that That should be perfect Thank you I just got set up Hold up here It's cold Last I saw There was two main groups and a few Stragglers the one group went back up Into the timber off to my right and the Other group emitted down over on a Hillside looking over the field so I had To drive around to a different spot get Down in a ditch stay down low and stay Out of sight for the from those deer so I'm set up here between two different Groups of does and fawns and this is Where I saw that buck go back up into The timber as well so you could very Well be somewhere in this area or he Could be a mile away from here right now Farther north is where I had the Encounter with those two bucks back in Late October then of course there's Timber over here so there's you know Bedding cover all around and I've seen These deer come off of this Hillside and Then go down to the Hayfield down below And that Waterway down there that I came Through to get up in here today I could

See there was deer droppings everywhere In there and there's green grass down in There where everything else is just Dried up so they're they're obviously Spending a lot of time feeding in that Waterway I'm not very high up off the Ground it's maybe 10 feet up at the most And it's you know it's pretty much Everything is high level But I got a bunch of really good cover Around me and I would have a you know an Easy shot here her Buck came by or deer Came by that I wanted to shoot Just let them walk right into the frame Of the camera right here and have all This cover to be able to pull back and And make the shot right when they step Out And of course I've got wide open shots All across here as far as I would want To shoot So anyways we'll see what shows up here Tonight hopefully there's gonna be more Deer coming down off of this Hillside Here Deer's starting to come out now it's Like a towing two phones up on top of The hill kind of working down this way The lens keeps fogging up for all this Light mist It's making it kind of hard to see Now there pop just popped out Yeah they're really starting to pour out

Now A bunch of those and fonts behind him Another book A little bit bigger bug And that's that eight-pointer that I saw A couple weeks ago I pushed the other Buck off Foreign Their way down the hill Not sure what that was but a couple Fonts probably one took off over there Not quite sure where the button went oh I didn't smoke them off And try to Rattle clicks here and bring Them down here All right Here Yeah Foreign Yeah Well Rattle them in That was awesome there's at least two Bucks up there I believe that was the first one a nice Eight pointer and they got behind this Pine tree and kind of walked away and Had a couple fawns blew I'm not sure what they blew out it Wasn't me my scent was going like that It's perfect and then I could have lost Track of all the deer up on top of the Hill I couldn't tell if they went over If they spooked or what the deal was so

I just grabbed the antlers quick Rattled Hoping to bring that eight pointer in Shortly after I rattled I could see a Deer coming behind that pine tree so I Just had to basically set the camera Pointed in the opening you know he was Looking hard in my direction so I just Had to wait and he committed start Working left I drew back as he was right In line with these pine branches here he Was in the wide open for me like 23 Yards but unfortunately for the camera It was just barely in the screen and I Waited I wanted him to walk out more Into the open get a little bit better Footage But uh he looked over you know it was Either now or never so the footage of The shot probably isn't great but Overall I mean just what a Fun Hunt There's more deer coming out I mean they Are Coming out of the woodwork Another string of does and fawns up There That lands is almost completely fogged Up this Mist made it real hard to get Good clear footage tonight but it also Made for a really cool Setting the hunt in all these pine trees Coated in this Frost But it was a 23 yard shot I held my 20 Yard pin

Right in line with his leg but low you Know low heart level it looked like he Ducked right into it and as he took off You just kind of head down just Barreling He made it into the the next block of Timber over there but I'm guessing not Very far in there but he had that good Hunt in late October and then since then It has been nothing but struggles you Know just not seeking deer most of the Time then finally found this group of Does and fawns that's awesome though Just a nice Black Hills South Dakota Buck I'm thrilled with that beautiful Foggy evening here deer moving like Crazy raveled him in for a shot yeah That's awesome There's a setup Platform is Maybe nine feet off the ground Not very high up there but it works when You got that cover Back cover I just went back to the truck dropped Some gear off grabbed the good camera Lights and back out here where I shot Now And I don't see my arrow right offhand a Lot of knock must have got turned off or Something either that or the deer Carried the arrow with them but we'll go Get the buck taken care of and then come Back and look for the arrow but

Man I'm fired up I know Mindy's going to Be upset that she left today and of Course that would be the afternoon that I shot the buck she left about 10 O'clock and about six hours later he got A buck down here I mean it's Bright blood it's just spraying Just at the edge of the Timber right Here probably made it just over the edge More blood there There Good blood right there on the rock There Oh see I shine there he is There we go oh yeah perfect shot Oh heck yeah Look at that He's definitely got tall brows nine Pointer barely a nine pointer Gotta love it He made it probably 75 80 yards yeah I'm fired up about that that is awesome And you can't beat this Snow coming down man it does not get any Better than that I can tell you right now I'm glad I'm Down in this bottom and low in this low Area that's protected I can hear the Wind howling above me but he made it Down into this little Ravine here and Actually I think it should be pretty Much all downhill to drag him out so it Was a little bit challenging trying to

Film tonight because the camera lenses Kept getting all this freezing rain Built up on it and made everything real Foggy and hard to see so I don't know How good the quality of the footage is Going to be you know the actual shot of The buck at least because when he walked In the frame like he was just barely in The corner kind of behind a pine Branch But at that point he had you know he'd Stepped into the open he didn't act Spook but he was kind of on alert like He's looking for the source of a sound And then of course when the bow goes off You know he's we can react to that so I Aimed straight up the leg but holding Low anticipating that he was going to Duck into it you know at 23 yards they Can duck a pretty good way so I was Aiming just above the body line you know Basically aiming for low heart Anticipating that he's going to duck Into it and it hit him perfect you know Took out both lungs and probably you Know the top of the harder and artery or Something I'll I'll find out when I feel Dress him here I want to look and see What it did anyways I mean just what an Awesome hunt tonight like I've said Before on these previous hunts I love Hunting in the Black Hills you know Mindy and I we live out here now and Actually my dad shot a really nice buck A big eight pointer a couple weeks ago

Late October first time he sat shot a Great buck and then he and my cousin are Coming back after Thanksgiving for a Late November early December hunt so Hopefully I'll be around for that my Buck tag is filled my dad's Buck tag is Filled so now we get a focus on helping My cousin Ryan get a deer and also I've Got a doe tag so hopefully that works Out but I can come home with them again And continue that family hunt also Really appreciative of the landowner That allows me to hunt here this is Three seasons now has been a lot of fun And yeah my first buck living in South Dakota hopefully have many more to come Here now it's back to either Iowa or Kansas Ted has a Kansas tag still Aaron Has a Iowa attack and Zach may be going Back to Minnesota so one of those three States I'll be going to here shortly Foreign Foreign