Squirrel Hunting Gun Game Challenge! (Pistols Only)

By | January 4, 2023

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In today's video we're doing the Squirrel hunting Gun Game Challenge Pistols only the rules are simple we're Only using pistols and once I get a kill With one pistol then I move up to the Next pistol and then the next pistol Until we finally filled our limit then At the end of the video we're taking all The Scrolls I kill them we're gonna take Them inside and cook them up into Something really good without further Ado let's start hunting step one we're Gonna go ahead and get major ambus she's My Squirrel Dog we're gonna let her get Out there and go ahead and start hunting What major ambus is going to do is uh She's gonna run around the woods find a Squirrel put it up my tree bark at it Until we come kill it go find one mate Go find one mate all right while she's Doing that we're gonna look at her first Weapon now this right here is a pretty Epic pistol it's a Ruger Mark five or Four I don't really know I think it's a Four ten round mag and I got this thing Suppressed and they're all going to be 22 caliber because that's what's perfect For a squirrel all right now we just sit And wait until she finds a squirrel May has it treated right up there and I Actually just see it but I'm gonna have To move around the tree a little bit to Get a good shot on if I make my way Right around here

Right there I can almost see it keep it Up there mate keep it up there mate okay I can see it up there that is not an Easy squirrel to shoot but it's probably My best shot here we go Oh no there it is [Music] There oh there it is there it is it's Moving oh get it buddy get it buddy get It buddy Get it buddy all right now May's gotta Do her job She's Gotta Catch It you Getting me oh my god let's go man make Sure it's dead heck yeah dude may just Got that bring it back to me mate I'm Over here bring it to me wow look at That good job man you had to fight for That one didn't you you had to chase it It looks like I hit it honestly right There in the lungs so it was going down That one shot just made it run out of The tree fall out of the tree then may Done the work and Chase it down ain't That right man number one in the books Now let's walk on down and see what Pistol number two is gonna be the next Gun we're moving up to is a 22 1911. got The wood Dragon grips on it this thing Will put them down All right guys May's treat again right Up here treat me keep it up there Market Mary now he's trying to be mean To me today she's treating him up in Them pine trees but I just got a glimpse

Of the squirrel and I think I got a Perfect shot on it keep it up there mate Oh no no No nobody's moving he's moving oh dang It he's going to the top man he's going To the top all right we're gonna have to Reposition I might have to get more ammo He went way up there he's right up there It's a hard shot but Oh no he's moving he's moving I shot the Wrong thing too by the way He's moving into this tree He's on that tree oh there he goes there He goes he's moving he's moving he's Moving I don't know if he's trying to Hide or what go go go go go get him mate And don't let him hard there he goes Here we go I'll ask him now it's up to me to find Him [Music] All right maze trade we're doing a Little bit of urban squirrel hunting Literally in his yard it's also the next Day but you know I mean we're still Doing this pistols the only challenge We're gonna get it done there's Literally like five trees in this yard And we have already located five Squirrels and may is still having a hard Time training literally pick a tree and Bark on it and we can shoot a squirrel Oh that's the one wrong tree well she's Close I mean there is potential at

Climbing that tree jumped over to this Tree and the squirrel is actually right Up there so I'm gonna go ahead and pull Out the pistol and we're gonna pop it [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Wow this girl's Clueless All right get it me All right bring it to me mate bring it To me man good job mate oh there's one There's one there's one right there Right there There's some more right here than we Have in the last three days we should Probably just stop going out in the Woods and start coming to your yard There's a lot more squirrels right here All right now that we just crossed off The second pistol it's time to move on To the third now we're moving on to Something pretty cool and it even has a Box if 007 had a pistol this would be it It's a PPK chambered in 22. pretty sick The sights on this bad boy is uh less Than desirable really short sight radius But honestly I'm up for the challenge Bring it at me bro you wanna mess with Me you want to be a squirrel bad day to Be a squirrel that's what I'm saying you Know what I mean all right guys we're Out in the woods this time no longer Urban squirrel hunting we've actually Came behind the house now we just found

Another squirrel so you just traded I'm About to smoke it with this Makarov Looking 007 looking outfit so uh yeah Wish us luck here we go all right I Might have a shot at him Foreign Shoot them yeah shoot him I'm out man I Can't let these squirrels go to waste Pulling out to 17 hmoy bringing them out dude oh get That made get that mouth one just went Flying go secure that one I'll take this One out Now this one's coming out There you go mate make sure everything's Dead dude there's literally squirrels Everywhere so you've seen it go up History You can walk around the backside and Find out I seen that dude come flying Down he landed over here somewhere oh I See him I see him Oh I missed my last bullet dang it he's Way up there I'll try to twist him Around Here he comes here my hair here Oh yeah you hit his back legs a couple Times okay well two squirrels down Unfortunately we did not progress in the Pistols only challenge and apparently I Broke the rules because I did not use Pistols only but it is what it is boys You can't pass up a squirrel like that All right guys so here's what we want to

Do I have this little bottle cap I'm Gonna just set it right here on this Vine and then I'm gonna aim for that Bottle cap and see where my bullet goes Now if my gun is not sighted in Perfectly it's not necessarily an excuse To miss squirrel I just have to figure Out where it's hidden so that I can then Adjust my point of aim [Music] Foreign Right here and it looks like I hit up Here so uh maybe I'll need to be aiming Lower all right guys may is treat again And we have a squirrel about to try my Luck again and with the correct holdover It might just bring this thing out of The sky with a pistol perfect shot here We go Oh no way I hit it but not enough to kill it Foreign Oh Get him eh get him hey that's all you That's all you made oh what is going on Did it may get it There you go me that's all you dude this Pistol can't hit anything there we go Mate there we go Yeah yeah Probably in the foot I think I hit it Once dude literally hit it in the foot Although May really got to kill I'll Count it as an assist

Is this gonna be a buzzer beater we just Hike 500 yards down the ridge from the Top of the ridge to the bottom back up To the top I brought the pistol just in Case I needed to what tree did it go in The tree behind me No Oh yeah I did actually I didn't know if I did or not Yeah he's right here come get him we Need accuracy All right there it is Get him mate it's on the ground sweet Good job mate that was a race right There That was a race anyways for this Challenge that gives us five squirrels Let's head on back to the house and We're gonna go ahead and start cooking Them up now since I'm just cooking for Me I'm only gonna cook one squirrel's Worth the rest I'm gonna leave in the Freezer for later the recipe I want to Cook today is fried squirrel now step One to Frying squirrel is you actually Have to cook the squirrel down to Actually make the meat more tender the Way I do this is with a pressure cooker For about 18 minutes or about the same As you would for chicken while we're Waiting for the squirrel to cook remove It on to step two where we're gonna get Our breading rate with my breading I'm Going really basic with just flour and

Then I'm going to add in some poultry Seasoning then to make the breading Stick you usually use an egg or Buttermilk but I looked in my Refrigerator and didn't have either one And so we made a risk I was willing to Take I'm using milk instead of Buttermilk will this cause catastrophe Stay tuned at this time I went ahead and Got some oil in a pot and we're gonna go Ahead and start warming that up too After 18 minutes the squirrels are done Pop that bad boy open and you can Actually see how tender the squirrels Are cooking these squirrels first is Super important because if you don't Cook them first they're going to be Literally hard as a rock once we pull Out the squirrels we dip them in the wet Then put them in the dryer and shake Them around once that was done and the Oil was hot we just simply put the Squirrels down in the oil and let them Essentially deep fry just like that After a few minutes they quit sizzling They turn brown we went in pull them out And now it's time to eat them all right This squirrel it doesn't look like KFC But it might taste like KFC you can get Creative with this I think it's still Gonna taste good And it is if you use a little more Prepared than I was and had like an Actual batter ready and actual milk

It'd be even better but just straight up Fried squirrel like once you cook the Squirrel with the pressure cooker and Actually get it towards a little bit Soft that's when you really open up how Good the squirrel can be clip it over Here if you want to see a cheaper's Expensive squirrel hunting challenge or Right over here or whenever I went deer Hunting with a pistol for the first time [Music]