STALKING DEER with a Muzzleloader!!! (Late Season Deer Hunting)

By | January 16, 2023

Greg has an awesome hunt during the late season as he stalks in close for a shot with the muzzleloader!
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[Music] Oh big old mature buck For myself late season deer hunting in The snow and bitter cold ranks right up There with hunting the rut I absolutely Love it whether it's trying to get a Late season Buck within bow range or Extending my range with a Muzzleloader To put some extra meat in the freezer Every season I look forward to the Deep Freeze of December this December however Aaron Ted Nick and I started off down South in Arkansas dodging thunderstorms Hunting in ankle deep water having a Heartbreaking encounter with an awesome Buck and eventually filling a tag with a Close range shot on a doe that hunger on The decoy a little too long she's going Down But by mid-December I headed back home To South Dakota and was greeted with the Snow and cold temperatures that I'd been Hoping for after several days of editing The Arkansas episodes I finally had time To get in the field so I grabbed my bow And headed back to the same area where I'd shot a buck on November 9th hoping To get a shot at one of the many does That I saw and passed up in this spot Back in November with only one day to Hunt before I hit the road again I was Thankful for the snow to help spell out Exactly where the deer had been moving And feeding since I had been gone for

The last five weeks [Music] Wind is blowing probably 20-25 miles an Hour this afternoon So my plan for this evening is to walk This field Edge this hay field and just Look for tracks and just follow them Back up in the hills and you'll find a Spot to set up and just hope that They're doing the same thing this Evening as they come down so anyways With the season winding down I'm just Excited to get out here with the bow in My hand again and to be hunting in the Snow in cold weather love it Probably cut eight or ten different sets Of deer tracks coming out of this off of This Hillside roughly right here so I'm Just gonna work my way back up in there And Hopefully find an area where it's Maybe it's bottom that down where the Majority of the deer are coming through Most different trails that I've found Down Below have been concentrated Pretty much concentrated to this one Trail right here Leading back up on top All right set up and ready to go I'm Happy with how this turned out just the Way it sets up I'm actually standing on A couple of Limbs there's really no good Way to get the platform on here but You know these these limbs are easy to

Stand on Shoot there shoot there that trail goes Back up the hill and there's actually I Can see where the landowner cut a tree Down so there's a bunch of pine branches Right there and it looks like those deer Have been congregating around those Branches and feeding on those pine Needles which I've seen here in the past There's the main trail goes on the left Side of the tree so you know just Catching all this movement coming down Out of the hills here Going down below there's actually a deer Running right there And nope I better get ready here deer starting to Move already I can see one right there Had a few deer starting to filter this Way I'd never falling up on the hill Then this dough and falling and bedded Down here Just trying to conserve that body heat Stay out of the wind as much as possible Starting to clear off in the west a Little bit I mean good grief What a view up here this is incredible You see the world up here this is Awesome Oh that's a nice buck right there Wow Real nice buck That's always good to see box that Made it through most of the season they Hope will be around next year

Foreign Oh maybe those dozen bonds are going to Come right down the pipe here but they Went by at about 50 52 yards I think It's going to range the adult though too Far especially in this wind but got a Good look at a couple really nice bucks Tonight that one right there looks man a Lot like that one I missed a couple Years ago but either way Fun Hunt Tonight That's probably why there's no deer down On the field right now I can see most of This field I don't see a single deer Down there with these winds it's just Brutal it seemed like they're staying up In the timber here just kind of browsing Around on the you know what little grass Or natural vegetation there is up here Anyways done pack up and head out Mindy And I are heading up to North Dakota to Visit her family just before Christmas And I'm gonna definitely get out and do Some pheasant hunting there and I don't Know if I'm gonna do any deer hunting or Not but it is supposed to be really cold Up there [Music] A couple of days later Mindy and I left For North Dakota for Christmas as a once In a generation winter storm descended Upon the Midwest and the impact of the Snow and brutally cold temperatures was Apparent as we traveled across the

Plains My plan was to put in a few solid days Of hunting Upland Birds while we were There however with negative 40 degree Wind chills and the fact that the snow Had filled in virtually all of the Available cover I quickly realized this Hunt wasn't going to turn out like I Hoped it would Well there we are On North Dakota pheasant Hunt is brutal Out here about negative 45 wind chills I Was able to knock down one Partridge but After that I put the gun away and just Left the birds alone as they did their Best to find food and cover and survive The harsh conditions But after the storm passed and the roads Cleared up Mindy and I headed back home To South Dakota where it warmed up into The 50s with 60 degree weather on the Way that unfortunately melted all the Snow so with mild conditions and only a Couple of days left to hunt I decided to Put my bow away and got an antlerless Muzzleloader tag to help improve my odds Of getting one last deer for the freezer And in South Dakota you can't use Telescopic sights on a Muzzleloader so I Had to take my scope off made sure that The iron sights were still sighted in And headed to the field for a midday Still hunt through the timber Foreign

[Music] Or something doing a little hunting as Well well it is noon right now December 30th shot the Muzzleloader this morning But like I said it's midday right now Waiting for the day winds to kick up and My mission for today is to go in and Pull the trail cameras that I have on This property and while I'm doing that I'm going to still hunt my way through The property and see if I can find a doe To get a crack at all right so I'm Heading in to the corner of the property Right now the wind is out of the you Know the west southwest which is blowing Back this way But trail camera there trail camera There and another one farther north so I'm just gonna get into the the back Side of the property quarter into the Wind Still hunt my way pick up trail cameras Maybe look for some sheds already Starting to see bucks that have dropped Their antlers see if we can get a crack At a doe here Just about to the back corner once I get Working into the wind Right now the wind is still on my back Though Foreign Just made it to the back corner of the Property here It's a pretty good wind cover I wish it

Was a little bit breezier but it's not Bad Sun shining overhead got a lot of shade To work with as well so I'm just going To work my way along the top and then There's a big saddle in the terrain I'll cut down through that saddle and Then there's more cover there and then I'll just work my way back to the truck Thank you Made it up to the top of this Ridge and So far I haven't seen anything haven't Really seen much sign either But A tree over there Where I shot the pot back and told me 21. Rad on the man he came up making rubs And scrapes and gave me a 12-yard shot Lost on Up around the back side of this Rock Knob right here That'll be able to see down into a lot More Timber Rub rub Grab up there It's like bed a couple of beds right Here A bunch of droppings smaller rubs Yeah some of these are probably white Tail crops There's definitely some help drops here Too Cool on the spot which is down off of The ridge there's a beaten Trail

Coming down through here there's a big Saddle in the train right here Another High Ridge over there High Ridge Up there this has had saddle There's a deer right there Yep Not sure what it is I can't see its head But looks like an adult deer That's an adult though All right here we go just spotted the Dough so I've got a lot of cover between Me and it it's just kind of over that Little rise right there I could just see Its back as it was moving to the left I'm going to move in closer Oh you can just see it's back it's the Top of its back it's slipping a little Bit closer here a different spot where I Can get a clear shot Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Heck yeah Thankfully she stayed put but anyways There was actually a bunch of deer in Here there was at least three or four Does and fawns in here I mean I saw her Probably 50 yards back up the hill snuck Down belly crawled across the open here Got down low got up to this tree and Then I had a little bit better Visibility on that one I could see right

There but then all of a sudden there was This other doe coming at me through this Little line of trees right here and I Lost her in the camera but then I could See her Through the V and she in turn saw me I Don't think she could see much of me but She probably caught movement so I got on Her with the camera and then I had to You know slowly shift my way over here And grab the gun and this was actually Perfect I was able to rust the gun right There perfect 25-yard shot quartering Pretty hard but with a muzzle loader That's a that's a deadly shot kind of at The base of the neck right between the Shoulder blades then it just crumpled Her man that's awesome that was fun you Know doe hunts aren't the most exciting Thing to watch but that was a lot of fun Still hunting and then Kind of a spot in stock at the end but Anyways go take a look at her Here we go Yeah Looks like a year and a half not a fawn But I'll I'll be able to cut her cut her Cheek open and look at her teeth and be Able to tell if it's a year and a half Old it's on the third Premolar of a year and a half old deer Although granted this is later in the Year they may have replaced what is Called a tricusp tooth so that's an easy

Way to tell a year and a half full deer Is it'll have that tricusp although this Time of the year they'll start replacing That with a bicusp tooth but that tooth Will look newer I guess or less stained Than the other teeth But as you can see that shot is pretty Much perfect kind of right at the base Of the neck between the shoulders And I'm assuming it exited yep exited right About here on the other side so I mean It got everything so like I said all Along this has been a lot of fun changed It up doing something different you know Trading in the bow for the Muzzleloader And instead of you know being up in a Tree like I usually am in the saddle Typically self-filming with all the gear That goes along with it it was kind of Nice to come out today and just you know Have a chest pack a little fanny pack And gun in the cameras and just having Having fun still hunting through the Timber and it was pretty much perfect The day winds picked up to about 12 to 15 miles an hour and I was able to move Through this terrain pretty much dead Silent on these pine needles and in this Grass you can stay really really quiet Especially with that wind coming through The Pines you get that little bit of a You know that whisper through the pines And that that noise cover so it's nice

To be able to change things up here and Do something a little bit different and Kind of get back to my roots of spot in Stock and still hunting like I did when I was growing up on my grandparents Farm Hunting rabbits and squirrels and Starlings and sparrows and stuff like That spend a lot of time sneaking around And when I was doing deer research and Darting deer to put radio colors on them During the summer the about the most Effective tactic I found was to just you Know spot in stock or still hunt a lot Of times around cornfields and stuff Like that so it's a lot of fun it's just Something I don't do a lot of but when I'm bow hunting and self-filming you Know being in a setup whether it be in a Tree or on the ground you know in a Fixed position is just is the easiest Way to for me at least to have success And get good footage but with a gun it Makes it a little bit easier to do steel Hunting and spot in stock like it did Today Got her tagged field dressed Kind of long drag out [Music] All of 30 yards This is the end of the deer tour for me But we've got some more videos coming up For you and a lot of fun off-season Stuff too so that's it for now thank you Guys we appreciate you see you on the

Next one [Music]