STILL HUNTING DEER IN THE SNOW | Big Woods Muzzleloader Hunt

By | January 17, 2023

The crew is still hunting deer in the snow during muzzleloader season. Cody and Jake have an action filled day and Jon almost tags a big buck! .
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Sure you ready to shoot one we're in a Bucky area you can just look at one with That jacket's in here Small Miss large yes We're on the board Pretty good timing So we're gonna start walking at 9 20. I Don't know we haven't really said Exactly what we're doing today you Probably just heard a bunch of Snippets Of Random thoughts and ideas uh basically Jake and Cody are on the far side of This piece and then 100 the closer side Or closer to us side on the other side And we're just going to kind of angle Back back you know you know not directly At each other but still on our way Through and try to bounce deer back and Forth is uh The thought process of today Um a bunch of tracks coming in we got to The spot And we're gonna go for a walk hopefully Uh we can make something happen today It's been close the last couple days I haven't sealed the deal but we got an Extra gun today now I had this freeze up on me with a doe at 40 yards the other day so I had to check It All right That's a big track I mean that's old but That's a that's what you want to find

Well That makes it easier might as well cut In here Foreign Think about his head his nose being Right here right This is his beam So his nose his beam comes all the way Around and all the way around This is you can see his frame right here From what's got worked out while he was Eating What a venison dog I think it might be John's Indiana book But I'm not sure Do you want one Sometimes you just kind of raw dog All right so we uh we just got to the Top of the drainage where Cody and John Got all that buck footage down in I Guess it's a few weeks ago now The ones in our face right now hopefully It keeps picking up Oh no dude I think we know for a fact There's a buck down in this drainage we Saw his tracks so like tensions are high A little bit All right See you on yeah Come on [Music] Maybe I won't talk dude I opened it I closed it slam So let me explain this again I had this

Happen two days ago three days ago and We thought the hammer froze And I don't know if that's the case with It now but Before we left the car I checked it on Purpose open it Close it pull the hammer back I did that Like four times at the car just so what Happened three days ago when it happened Today I didn't open it since I tested it at The car And between when we left the car and got To here something made it not work like It was in the car but we're just getting To the spot we wanted to get to and We're already seeing deer so we're gonna Slow way down we have like six seven Hours to hunt this piece that we know if You're in it now So we're gonna sit probably next to this Road somewhere and just give it 20 25 Minutes All right we got Hunt stand up right now Jake and Cody are a couple miles on the Other side of this piece Hunter has Service on his phone I don't they have Service so what we did was we turned on The location sharing as soon as I'm Selling I don't know so exactly where They are It's also good for your white family to Let them know where you're going and if Something happens they can look and see

Exactly exactly where you are all you Have to do is be a friend on Hunt stand Send your buddy a friend request turn on Your location sharing so now we know Where they are and how we know where They are as we go through I'm still Running through this big chunk of public Thank you Foreign Still right now Straight that way okay we're standing There okay we just saw it moving there So let's do is standing there I can see The spot all right all right did it seem Like it was alert or no just move it was Foreign Foreign Took a couple steps and that's what I Was like okay that's a deer and then I Lost it and then you saw him running Down through there then I saw it tail Flick down there and that's why I went Like I pointed down there yeah I got my Gun up all I could see was brown through All that stuff Than the the deer I saw over here when He turned it was big body I only saw its But it was like this back I like about That [ __ ] well there you go I can take a little bit of a moment with Us That's the buck that got left out but Throw them out Here

Do you want some of it okay For good luck there he is right there Now Lefty's left a little bit of Lefty Will always be with me Foreign Malfunctioned The same thing a few days ago with a Deer in front of me Just did it again now But we think we got it figured out We're gonna try and not think about it Pretend like it didn't happen Be thankful that those deer didn't smell Us And We're gonna be going really really Really slow in the stuff that Cody and John walked through the other day and It's just Perfect perfect habitat perfect betting Habitat so Hopefully we find some of those deer's Friend order their boyfriends still in There yeah maybe their boyfriend's in There we're still hot at least [Applause] We can't do that then we dropped when we First cut that buck track up there Cody knew it was a bedding area for when He was here with John and There's deer in here right now we have To go as slow as possible And act like we're a deer Milling around In a bedding area very slowly

I find that corner Sneak to the bottom Creek and walk up The hill That's right yeah Restaurants here It's a tear I see it Do you see it it's that land here It's facing bedded okay It worked dude it worked And get a good shot at it Got a real good out for my own room Well I'll just kill this one it may God Even playing it really good honestly Being being very patient walking very Slowly literally all day long It's worked two times now I'm gonna Shoot it in its bed Gonna Take My Eyes Off it I'm gonna take It one step at a time okay also one for An epoch We're gonna start going slower You have the most clear shot just I'm Gonna keep my eye on it as we walk Towards it Don't want a loser and not be able to Find her Foreign Foreign [Applause] Foreign Foreign Thank you [Applause]

Come on Still right there I'm honor Shooter if you can't There's three deer standing there reload I see three deer Three deer standing right there Coming right at us hurry up The only thing differently is not shoot Through anything at all Like there's a couple Bridges Let me try to shop I am That sort of speechless Third time's a charm I guess three times Each time like Cody and I did exactly What we set up and said we wanted to do Three times in a row And the third time I hope it's the gun because I hope I'm Not that awful of a shot I don't think I'm that off overshot but then Cody Comes up and you think Cody hit it I don't know I thought I took my time I Was confident I slow squeezed it The only thing that I might have done That I would have done differently is Not shoot through a couple branches but I remember I filmed Greg last year shoot At a pass off a giant Buck because you Want to shoot through a few branches so I was like I'm not gonna let a few Branches I got me from shooting but Maybe

Maybe it was too many maybe the gun's Off I don't know but that's not what you Want especially And we're right around and we're out Around we shot four about four Three shots in there I thought I brought Four but one was a dud reload so Probably should well I'm sorry dude but Okay Let's walk up there and see if I hit her I mean there's a good chance I didn't Hit her either Let's get out there and try it that's Freaking cool we both kind of saw her at The same time too we're like that's a Deer that's 100 deer and I zoomed in I'm Like yeah that's a that's a deer there's Some Hammer Hemlock branches this is Okay we give you guys a perspective this Is right where John and I almost shot that buck like to Our left on the private we're right here In the corner and they were just better In public this time they were about it While they're about it on public when we And me and John were trying to kill him But they just walked out of their beds And walked into private these ones Better yeah they were betted on the Public but I mean we're with they were Vetted within probably 75 yards of the Line So we're right on the very corner right

Now and we're just making that plan to Come to this corner and then shoot Straight up right through where they're Bedded because either they're going to Be betted on that side Hill out right on Top on the bench and that's where we Found all the beds last time so we're Really freaking close to that but I got A pretty good Mark on Where I think I shot her so I'm not Going to take my eyes off it and I'm Just gonna Try to walk straight to it and and Hopefully we can find some blood [Music] Foreign But Back legs front legs Might be dead back You don't look gritty though no I saw You I saw you above the guts I think It's like No I think the Banksy face or backtrack I don't know we should spun around hard Right here Caught herself she came into this and Like flopped down I feel like After we found the first bed Jake and I Decided we would give the deer a few More hours so we hiked to the top of the Hill to get service and let John and Hunter know what was going on and built The fire to keep warm and stay busy After three hours we took up the track

Again just to find several more beds so We opted to back out and return in the Morning Foreign Up here Right there She's right there huh you're dead yes She's right there Hey we got it finally wow It was bad it was gone Not touched by Coyotes she's big that's A big doe she's round He was back must be a hit some brush And it deflected it backwards I oh and That's going to be her exit remember When we said we smelled her when we left Yeah she was here right below we're Right there how bad is and there's a Bunch of tracks with going with the Direction of her bed that bed right There All right so that time I thought she was With those deer but now she Loops she Threw us off Big Time Fat in her bed Awesome dude cool that's a big dope Yeah it's cold the deer's been dead his Shoes dead last night yep Um she was dead while we were looking For it right there yeah yeah she wasn't She wasn't going very far Well The coyote didn't get to her I guess I Got a gut job and I got some bags and

We're gonna pack this thing out of here Because it's deboned and all yeah we're Gonna just get this thing out so Um Jake's gonna start a fire And we're processing party yeah we're Gonna cook some meat up no seasoning but Who needs it it's gonna be cool all Right Foreign This has been freaking awesome though I Mean That's probably good medium rare their Heart Smoky flavor it's super good We got it all deboned and I mean just it Was a super fun experience just still Hunting through the woods I learned a Lot she was only 50 yards from the bed We found out we should have found her Last night we just lost her track out of Her bedroom more deer ran through so we Thought just maybe she caught it up a Little bit but now everything is good She didn't make it far she was dead last Night everything was cold so it's gonna Warm up here need a few more pieces of Meat and then we're gonna pack her bags And they're heading back to the car so It's been great Great couple days out here in the Big Woods so you guys enjoyed the episode Please like And subscribe helps us out a Lot and we will see you on the next one