TEXAS DEER HUNT!! (Calling Hill Country Bucks!)

By | January 10, 2023

Nick heads to Texas to deer hunt for a few days with his dad.
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Hey hey Daisy Rosie hey guys so just Left Indiana this morning me and Keith Both left actually he went back to Ohio And I came back home to Texas and I Literally just rolled in not too long Ago within the last hour or so and uh my Dad's going to our deer lease tomorrow Morning which is Sunday December 18th to Go to Llano Texas it was uh Central Texas and we've had at least there for The last 20 years anyways he's going There in the morning through Tuesday so I rolled in I was like well hey I'm coming with I'm going right now my truck has Exploded my truck is a disaster Everything in there it's just everything I've had for the last I don't know six months and that's just Loose clutter everything else that I'm Planning to take tomorrow I'm slowly Picking away and I got stacked up here On my dad's truck saddle Waiters bow you know so we're gonna deer Hunting mornings and evens and then Shoot ducks in the middle of the day off Ponds if we have any tomorrow's last day In Indiana for muzzleloader so Zach and Jake and Ted and John are still there Hunting right now but I was able to come Home surprise my sister for her birthday And uh and now I'm gonna get to go Hunting some more so hopefully we get Into something I can put on video show

You guys [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign A couple days ago Scrape here Freshly opened up [Music] Licking branches are broke off pretty High up too That's Same height up as me So you say they might still be doing Something Foreign Just got settled into Our buddies Crown blind He calls it his but it's really Everybody But anyway we just got settled in and Had some cows come up immediately so I Had to get out and throw my arm out of Socket try to run them things off so They're gone Now we're just we said We said Vader's golf in like 30 minutes Or so But we got a really good bug that's been Showing up in this spot pretty frequent So

He might show up Anyhow we're just gonna sit here and be Quiet See what happens So this evening me and Dad sat there and Didn't see nothing until about the last Three or four minutes of shooting like We had two small eight points come out And it was too dark to get any good Footage of them so we don't got nothing Of that we're gonna figure something out For tomorrow we don't know we're gonna Go back to the same spot or if we're Gonna do something different and we're Gonna hunt together if we're gonna be Hunting separate we ain't got that far Yet and get a game plan together and see What we're gonna do tomorrow don't know What it holds when we know something new You'll know something so Till then signing off So me and Dad are running in the spot That we Hunted No less than seven thousand times it's Uh Monday morning It's like 45 degrees this morning it's Super super calm right here a mouse fart From 100 yards away We've seen one little bug and he was Super skittish and uh other than that Had been nothing all the corn was Cleaned up here so They uh they were here at some point Between yesterday it

Feed it run off and one way One week but other than that not a lot Going on not a breath of wind Supposed to rain at some point So Other than that we don't know anything Good we're just going to keep sitting Hoping waiting sitting maybe something Will show up that we can just tap on one Of these arrows All right so Me and Dad just got settled back in We're in the same stand we were at Yesterday evening where we saw the two Small eight points We've had a really good Buck coming here In the last four of seven evenings So we're playing the numbers And uh feel pretty good that we're gonna See him Or just other deer you know I'm open to killing anything a doe a Spike Just another mature bug but this one Particular deer we really want to see so So we might get lucky we killed a couple Ducks earlier five actually we killed Five And uh then we ran back to camp Got all her stuff together and we eased Back out here and we're settled in A good 45 minutes to an hour before we Were yesterday Um

But But uh These deer have been showing up about Four o'clock Between 4 and 4 45 it's been the first One seems like So we're just gonna keep on keeping on And uh try to get one killed we say pop What's gonna happen so Stay tuned Honestly on this property How many times has somebody rattle or Call to these here Yeah very Yeah they have our baby [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Good I've got To shift up to you To you may send a viewfinder You got him you can honey We just rattled in here That's the first book I've ever read Get all of me you can't tell me nothing You can't tell me Oh that was awesome oh that didn't take Two minutes I saw his legs Oh the video ain't great because he's

Been the brush but I think he went down Right over there [Laughter] Hey Mike it's my baby Says front shoulder he was Yeah Toast oh Yeah and I think he failed just right Over there right there What time is it It's uh 413. That worked word Jake's rattling antlers From Iowa or from Wisconsin [Laughter] That just happened I had one little there was a v he was Standing there a quarter to me real hard And there's a V and it was right on his Point of his shoulder and so I was I was Just like this I was like I can kill him I said I know I can't because he was a Standard he wasn't coming out here and He no he was saying he heard that and he We just rattled in there but Hey now would we have had the idea of Rattling Like that if we hadn't seen Kenneth's Post that he just did it yesterday yeah Gives you confidence oh yeah it made me Want to do it yeah he ran into the Cactus Bush and fell down I thought he Did too Wow That is cool that is so cool I mean that didn't take minutes it was Like 60 seconds I mean minutes you

Rattled and then you're like and I was Like there's a buck right there I could See his legs coming up out of that Bottom what do we say he's living right Here he's living right here that's what We're saying [Laughter] Just don't been out of there But we might as well hang out no we Ain't sitting nowhere else right now are You kidding me For what I can't see nothing Oh yeah It's a big Z Is 100 ham We just killed the big eight We just killed the big egg Oh yeah oh I smoked Look at that dark head look at that We rattled him in that just happened What That just happened Foreign You have now Good mature Hill Country eight point Oh he's beautiful Oh wow That was awesome that was awesome that Was awesome I mean I have nothing else To say other than that was just Incredible Big block he had on him

Foreign So that's going to do it for the trip Down to the deer lease in Texas me and Dad ended up killing eight or nine Ducks Uh just jumping the tanks around here And That dude right there So it's been a banner trip right now It's time to Clean everything up load up and head Back to Head East back to Marshall and you know Do normal things unfortunately But it was an awesome time awesome time Gonna you know there's any better There'd be two of me standing here but There's not it's just us so That's it that's a wrap on Llano Do you have anything so pop nope great Weekend or Monday Tuesday yeah that's it Great trip all the way around so Hopefully you enjoyed this We'll see on the next one