The Perfect BOWHUNTING SETUP!!! (Arkansas Deer Hunting on Public Land)

By | December 12, 2022

Warb and Greg find a great setup to get close range opportunities at deer with a bow.

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Foreign Laughs Deer down there poking her head out of The grass at the end of the road This was this wasn't the best idea not The best plan All right it's our uh Third Day hunt me And Greg cruised around here at first Light this morning we didn't see a lot Of deer from the road this morning but We did see some bucks One younger Buck was cruising and we we Just caught a quick glimpse of a big Buck chasing a doe about an hour ago now We waited for these day winds kind of Pick up a little bit and now we're Creeping in Into The Wind to kind of Scout through these little patches of Oaks As you can tell from watching these Videos from Arkansas this area we're Hunting the setups are really Challenging these deer living in these Really thick Pockets so we're having to Get creative and in here there's there Are some oak trees I think they're Called nuttalls all I know is is that It's an oak tree that's got a striped Acorn and that's what they were feeding On heavy last year this time And just cruising down the road this Morning I glassed up in the tops of a Few of them and I could see that some of These Oaks are carrying acorns in here

We hunted the back side of this bedding Area yesterday night when we had that Big buck come in me and Greg are going To get into the wind here and Scout These Oaks try to find one back in here Where we can maybe get up and in Those nuts Got a ton of acorns on the ground Because they probably just cleaned them Up See where they were standing here Feeding for a few minutes Another thing that's just another thing I'm thinking though is like man There's some good trails that are Cutting Right through there you could probably Get in that tree Right there and put that Decoy right out There in the open let's Cut back out and then go in on that far End I guess Just a little hesitant to do that Because I don't want to bugger any deer That are bedded in those Oaks But that would put us more in the center Of things over there I just don't know Decisions now I think you could see a lot from that Tree Would be some real good travel coming Around that Marsh right there like they All come around the head of that if a

Buck comes out of there and with that Said I'd say we're going to be calling Them in regardless Helen's got quite a few in it Those does are going to be traveling This line of Oak so they'll get in this They'll get in on these trails and They'll walk right there right where Those trails are going cutting up Through there they'll just go right down Through that line Oaks picking up acorns I know I can I could probably get in I Don't know that can be pretty dicey I Could probably get right above that V Though to where I could shoot out maybe I might be able to get in that one and Pull that little that little second Branch together we'd have plenty of Cover in that thing and you'd be able to Film real well out of that one And you'd be able to see a lot and There's Trails coming right here I like It for calling one in be a good place to Have it too Where they could see it from way down There if you put it right there in the Opening depending because this Willow Well these things are a nightmare as you Saw yesterday It's not enjoyable Might be able to make it work I know if I could get up there and pull those two Together I could really shoot let me try It

Getting there All right me and Greg have concocted a Setup here we came in here with the Plans of going deeper into that bedding Area but we found a bunch of Fresh Tracks underneath this oak tree over Here that's been dropping acorns we got A good setup we're hid good that's Number one decoy spot that's a that's a Plus too and we're right in between Where a lot of these does have been Feeding on acorns it looks like so I'm Going to be in this tree right here this Willow oak It ain't big enough for both of us so Greg's going to get in this not all I'll Put the decoy right out there all right That's good I'm gonna run back to the Truck we'll regroup and then grab the Decoy and get back in here Thank you Foreign This is the same decoy that I ran over Two days ago I sat here pretty good And we'll call him Scarface for nothing Got kind of a loose tooth almost We got a little happy with that there I would like for him to come through There Because if he comes if he comes to you There and ends up right in here that'd Be perfect Only concern may be does coming from

That way It may go to stomping at him but I don't Know we'll see Exactly I Hurt myself twice dang it that hurt Inhalers Hard Foreign We just got set up I'm in this little Willow oak here Greg's right here behind me in this uh Not all about eight or ten yards from me We got this little Pond back this Direction Wind is coming straight from that pond To us and it's funneling the deer Movement up and around it there's Several Trails coming through here with Fresh tracks on them since the rain two Days ago We got the decoy over my shoulder down Here in this little opening right here Behind me It's a nice little setup we're right in Between two bedding areas got one over Here about 200 yards away and then a Really Big Thicket over here there's Obviously bucks in here because we've Already seen several and there's a good Bit of buck sign right down here below Me several rubs and Scrape that hasn't been worked in a While but there was a fresh Buck track In that's great since the rain so I

Don't know what we'll see here but it's A good it's a good setup we got the Decoy out should be able to call and Have deer hear us from quite a distance Right here in this spot so who knows I'm Gonna sit at the rest of the day See what we turn up All right Foreign Foreign Foreign She's going down Yeah great I have to knock another one for a buck Cause there might be a buck coming back In there that's man that's perfect Perfect I wigged out by that Decoy And I had to hold that draw forever Finally quartered a little bit And plowed right through I think we got Her cute Let me get another arrow on here We just found that sign earlier today We walked in here we're planning on Going real deep We cut a bunch of tracks underneath that Oak tree over there because there was Acorns falling exactly what happened Last year Found a couple of these trees that were Dropping there's a bunch of fresh sign Under them disappeared out of nowhere I've been watching that way and looked

Down and I was like oh crap there she is Nice though Had to hold that draw for a long time So because she was just walking like Dead at me and finally she quartered Just a little bit there I had to shoot Her a quarter in two but it looked like It went right right through perfect Yes That's awesome Back straps tonight Better wait for a buck now Foreign Bye That Is so cool we want to do that white Ground sequence about five ten minutes Before I rattle I could definitely see deer being right In this bedding area feeding on acorns Just like that does a shot was Just go to rattling real loud right off The bat here it might might spook them So I guess what I'm trying to do is call To a potential Buck that's within 100 150 yards of us by grunting Lively And give it a few minutes if nothing Happens then I'll crash the horns Together pretty good the antlers excuse Me But Hey I had to just Chuck stuff down out of The tree because there's no way to raise

And lower it with a pull-up rope there's So many dang branches in there just Didn't end up seeing a bucks all that Other dough that came in and got our Wind Now we gotta go find this dough Okay got a couple minutes before they Get here I think power up before we go Track and drag this thing yeah I'm gonna Eat a little something before I get my Hands all bloody I mean you sent me a Screenshot of it me and Greg couldn't Communicate because we weren't in the Same tree so I just called him and Whispered After I shot her I'm like I'm pretty Sure that shot was good He's like yeah I think so let me look at The footage and he sent me a screenshot Of it and it looks like it went almost Hit her dead center scapula quartering Tube and the eggs it looked like it come Out to last rib because I could see the Arrow sticking out looked like it caught The Fletching coming out maybe I mean The last place I saw I marked it on on X It was probably a hundred yards from the Tree and she took a hard right right There and her tail was flicking it Looked like she was stumbling I'm hoping She's dead within 30 40 yards of that Spot she was starting to wobble pretty Good to the last place I saw her Help me

Guess what we saw Absolutely nothing much fire over there I'm telling you see anything nope one Big fox squirrel right about right off The bat a big old fox squirrel Like I'm a full draw And I was forever I mean you're standing On top of the tippy top of the tree yes Yeah like it's that it's there's three Or four limbs up there they're about That big you know I'm just tired my Tether around I was wondering how y'all were in there With the same tree like that I figured To be leaned over like I would have been Like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree oh He has five cameras rolling I didn't know what was going on there That's awesome it looks like she is She's doped yeah I didn't even realize that Dad give me She broke my arrow I can sharpen that back but I'm just Gonna go to that pin because the last Place I saw her she was starting to get A little wobbly and it's like 100 yards From here so I don't think we'll just go up to that Pin and then we'll start looking for Blood right there Don't need a blood trailer she's laying Around here Nice Piled up come on

Foreign ER out Beautiful yes No pipe cleaner heck yeah boy What are you gonna season her with I got some seasoning but I can't tell You what it's called secret seasoning I'll tell you later okay Beautiful I mean I'm fired up All right we got her checked in on my Phone got a tag on her leg we're just Gonna drag her over here the edge of This water and gutter and then take her Back out here the truck it's only about 100 yard drag And then Nicholas over here is going to Work his magic on these back straps I Think Oh yeah mighty fine mighty fine the hit On this doe was high scapula like high Center scapula that's what caused the Arrow to stay in or the fletching's Actually are just totally mangled on That Arrow where they stuck in that Scapula and then as soon as she took off Running she snapped the rest of the Arrow off but the exit is probably the Last rib on the other side and they had The two trees set up worked yes it did And the decoy worked the decoy did work Decoy in a dough I didn't expect that to Happen I figured a doe was going to come In and just blow and cause all kind of

Headache which is what the second one Did this one looks like it's about to But yeah she didn't have a chance no And we got her on the GoPro first angle We got her on like five angles It was a wild time out here beautiful Arkansas footage it's everything Greg Drained uh to get that Doe right in Front of that GoPro I almost didn't get It yeah he almost didn't get it he had His little remote on his wrist and he he Like hit it with the camera and then She's walking in like I'm getting ready To shoot her and he looks down and the Thing ain't rolling so like you can see The camera getting shaky for a minute Because he or for a few seconds because He reaches down and hits that button so I realized she was as she's walking in It's like oh she is walking right in Front of that camera so I had to double Check just to make sure and got it right In time that's the beauty of the GoPro Usually doesn't work first time you Click it Yeah that was sweet can't meet Oh we're cooking Oh God That late That's not that's right that's pretty Wild wow you couldn't ask everybody That's pretty wild big old Buck would Have come in posture and the only way That could have been better

They've been sweet heck of a cutaway all Right guys that's it for this video Appreciate you all watching we're having A good time down here in Arkansas we Just got to get us a buck on the ground Getting closer all the time it seems Like weather's Gonna Change here soon Though tomorrow it's supposed to be off And on rain showers throughout most of The day we'll just roll with it and see What we come up with we got that dough In a similar setup to what curl and I Were in last year hunting one of them Skinny trees with all those branches and Stuff shooting out if you all want to Watch that hunt you can click on this Link right here but good times in Arkansas we'll see you guys on the next One Provide Harvester train hunt provide Honor respect sleep Hammer eat Sometimes you just got to do what you Got to do My feet reek though is what I'm trying To say I've just been wearing the same three or Four layers on top and bottom for the Last two days sleeping in it and all Right In my field You're on a hunting trip Yeah you'll have time to clean that when You get home