THREE BIG BUCKS IN ONE DAY! Crazy Rut Action in the RAIN!

By | December 17, 2022

Josh and Zach both have a crazy mid November day. Bucks are cruising in the sleet and rain, put on your layers because they're moving!


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What's up guys November 15th Tuesday Morning extremely early Harry and I are hunting my farm This morning we got a little little Jagger Walk we're gonna walk in and then Uh Kind of do a cool down it's about 30 Degrees right now it's supposed to be a High of 42-43 rain coming in 11. We're going to sit through it as much as We can I'm going over to a uh like a little Razorback Ridge And cameras are telling me there's a lot Of activity Up and down that little Razorback right Now they're I don't think there's any hot does right Now I think that the Bucks are just Checking where the dogs are so we're Gonna go hunt where the dogs are And see what happens pretty excited it's Going to be a great day The full Moon's gone I mean it is time to be in the woods Right now in southern West Virginia so Uh we're gonna start walking and get Over here and get the little station Area where I like to go and get changed And cool down then we're gonna sneak Into the tree getting our Saddles put All of our stuff up and uh Hopefully Big Boy comes by we get Harry On a blood trail Harry's been grinding

This season and And uh just as luck would have it you Know he just hadn't been on that that Buck kill yet so I'm hoping to change That today for hair bear thanks yeah Make it all worth it well we got in here Pretty quiet this morning we heard a Couple deer sounded like the antlers but Hopefully we didn't really the heart Pump anything when we got set up we were Pretty fun so I should let everything 's the sunrise And hopefully they're deer all over Well we ain't striking out tonight we Saw one Play nice This morning It's about to turn around The land Alex made it up in a tree The first time coming in here In the dark now I'm so I lost a little bit I'm lost all the Time but We got in a Sycamore and if you know Anything about sycamores or a nightmare You got all this scaly parts Leaves everywhere so we've done the best We could but we got up here we really Like it once we got up here but Is cracking daylight got a really good Wind I feel good about it we'll see what

Happens I think Harry and Josh are Gonna Stand somewhere so hopefully they Can have some luck to Nine o'clock Never know so Of course We don't see anything [Music] I don't know if they took it or not yet There is down there but Say it Right Oh awesome See it back up there Unfortunately Don't tell what it is [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign [Applause] Favorite script Ures You think we're too high in this tree Um Make his knew something was going on Yeah they both They both see us but She said She said yeah I never did see him She looked yeah 30 yards and money 30 yards That you could have got more peppers in

To do I don't know maybe it's kind of Pulling back that way some I don't know He didn't smell Uh when was it just right in her neck Yeah and he was really cool Well It's pretty exciting I was really hoping The big board coming here running off And I was well and that's still a Possibility she obviously smells pretty Good That bacon might hit our Trail come Around I don't know why he left hers up that's Weird I know something we don't know [Applause] Well it's about 10 o'clock We got a bigger store Is heavy rains cold only Don't back Next round Of you dear Meet everyone down That day we blood bounce out of here [Music] We can always come So I think it's what we'll do Inevitable that work you win Was that Thunder Did you hear that [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] It wasn't sure [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] He's going crap Dude He's a child Oh my God And come to my current yeah I know what You had to wait So He's a giant That son of a gun is big Oh my God so Me and Alex both told that Foreign Times Well it wasn't two minutes after current

Yeah I just so happened to look Breaking buck that moves after it's Right here at 30 yards I ain't doing good at all right now And we was talking about now The wind shifted on this and it couldn't Have been any worse than what it is Right now Come right there He didn't want to leave It like I just want to hear me I was like when he was just gonna be Like screw it just take the chance I'm not getting really bad shape right Now really fast shape I mean really bad shape Said that you can't get good footage I'll bust him in the head next time I See So me and Alex are trying to calm down You come in here this morning because we Had a picture [Music] I'd never had him before but he was by Himself he come through here So he slipped in here this morning best We could I had unpicked his tree out the other Day but didn't really get close to it So we struggled a little bit but got up In the tree And Like I was saying earlier

We thought we heard something behind us And it's sticking so I grunted Well when I grunted about two minutes Goes by and something caught my eye Behind us here They're actually in front of me behind Alex Freaking monster and we Completely he he had to be embedded Out here in this field somewhere in his Little rolling circle of Rolling Hills Because he come on a line to that grunt And when I seen him He was 27 30 yards somewhere in there And he crossed my shooting Lane before I Could even get my hand on my phone In the the damn wind has been [Music] And he got right downwind deficit 22 23 Yards and locked up He wanted to come [Music] To come at six cents just told him not To and he bounced out there to about 40 Yards and stopped but I didn't have a Shot And then he just went on up the hill as Norway's daddy and he turned and come Back towards us but then he eventually Worked his way off [Music] I mean that's just a good most badly Circle If he did come back he's our goal all

The way That's just a gut bunch I mean Just unbelievable we would have never Dreamed I'll let Alex show you in a Minute where he come from It's actually worth the small buck that We've seen this morning he went that way And About how he was shocked that smaller Book went through that wide open field Out through his air And then Long behold it comes Yeah If we would have seen him five seconds Five freaking seconds sooner This would be a different story to tell Them we'll be shaking his head It's a beach treatment we 'd be shaking This big sycamore tree for sure We're getting ready to leave after Seeing this bug and we look down and He's on a bench hitting his creep And he's had a fairies on a bench that Week Easily All right so [Music] And we spotted spotted this bug we're Fairly certain that it's him but we Gotta go now we gotta get around [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Oh dude [Music] [Music] [Music] She's like I was a bus to me Did you think I was busted [Music] Wanted That was a successful very successful Stalk If he'd have been the one we wanted he Was toast yeah yeah well I don't know I Mean he kind of caught us off guard There but yeah [Music] We've seen him Originally if y'all can see it or not It's on that bench over there working a Scrape and you know we're We're still within three or four hundred Yards where we was at this morning So we thought it was him we could just See a rack And then I seen him go down and there's An old Road in the bottom of this little Drain right here And I thought he was working his way you Know right on up the drain

So I thought we'd get on this road and Intersect him you know and just peep Over and he'd be right there And just as soon as my feet hit the road I heard something and he was 20 yards Yeah just boom looking right at us and We was froze I'm surprised he didn't spook though I Mean we We held Steel Dude my knees like because I was in the Work like I was like And I could feel my knees just just Tightening up I was like Oh boy you're going to need a move Or I'm gonna scare the [ __ ] out of you Here in just a minute Hey So we've seen 170 inch deer I mean that's probably 140s yeah at Least His main beams was a little short do you Notice that yeah the g2s yeah uh nice Deer though Look like a young I mean probably four Year old Buck didn't you say One four-year-old you think probably At the most yeah Got good potential but That's a pretty damn good day for a Nasty rainy day like this But now we're going to continue what we

Plan to do we got out of the stand We're going in the opposite direction of Where we come in Um we're gonna try to Circle back around And Look at another access point for the Stand that we hunted this morning Seems like it's pretty hot because like I said that deer is there too so yeah And he was obviously coming this way Yeah or just so having to intercept him Yeah So I think it means that's Billion spoon oh he was directly Downwind of us Yeah I've had to been that big one when He popped up right there next time you See I don't know next time you're seeing Him he's with him going over that Ridge Rob It's fun though I think we're ready Well we got back in Midday grabbed a bike to eat Ran a couple errands I had to go drop a couple weed eaters Off to get repaired for actual work And Got Back Getting our stuff on Walking back in It's still raining pretty good but I got A tree umbrella to protect the camera We're gonna get back over here see up

Till dark Uh I don't the camera's not working over Here so I don't know what's going on but All indications of what's going on in Southern West Virginia Camera fired up around noon so we're Going to sneak in real quietly and Slowly Checking glassing everywhere And Get up and sit till darkened Hopefully where they're packed are that I shoot one and we're taking nighttime Pictures not night time but y'all know What I mean in the dark pics with a big Muy Grande it just picked up it just now Started raining harder I swear Hahaha Laughs We're going let's put it in the dry bag Let's rock and roll Harry and I got Settled in here I don't even know what time it is I Ain't gonna worry about it but We snuck In here didn't jump in Deer we don't Think We got Harry's umbrella set up he's in The high and dry And cross fingers that we Than we saw this morning [Applause] Zach and Alex talk to them midday they Saw a couple deer this morning one

Monster And then they were actually gonna prep Two trees from potential areas to hunt In the rest of this week so [Applause] We'll hang in here till dark it's Supposed to stop raining around 4 30 4 45. See what happens can't kill him if You're on the couch it's the run baby Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Foreign Foreign [Applause] Search [Applause] [Applause] Life with This fight it is what it is But that's that's what we're here for I'm so quiet foreign [Applause]