By | December 20, 2022

Zach and Keith head to New York to try tracking down a buck in the snow!


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Last season had my first ever experience Attempting to track down a buck in the Northeast when I decided to run to New York to hunt the end of the rifle season With my friends from just Hunt Club with Only three days to hunt before the end Of the season my goal was just to learn As much as possible about a new style of Hunting in the Big Woods tracking deer In the snow is still new to me but I'm Always fascinated with unique Styles and Attempting new challenges that are out Of my comfort zone as I expected I fell In love with the northeastern mountains And I knew that in the future I would Continue to get as much experience Hunting in those mountains as I could Every season so this year after an Awesome final hunt in Minnesota I Started confirming plans to make it back To the Northeast through the week of Thanksgiving I worked hard to produce The first video from the Minnesota Series that way I can make sure I could Get to the Northeast with time to hunt So early on the morning of the 30th I Flew from Colorado to Cincinnati where My aunt lives and I had my truck parked And then I drove across the state to Pick up Keith on my way to New York I Felt like I had it all figured out and I Had High Hopes And expectations to have Plenty of time to hunt once we made it To New York well plans quickly changed

As I realized I still had a lot of work To do on the second Minnesota video so For the next couple days Keith and I had To make a pit stop and ended up shacking Up in John Lewis's camper and editing For three more days to get all the Content produced finally on Wednesday Evening we wrapped up those projects and We headed the rest of the way North to Meet John and Jake at the cabin that we Had rented for the rest of the season Out although we only had four days left This season we still felt confident Because we had a snowstorm rolling in That night we were looking forward to Finally getting in the woods the next Morning for us anymore three hours is Like we're there now pretty much Give him a good shot go to this business And do they give away their location I Know they're in the Adirondack Last year I came up here and I hunted With Brett Joy John Lewis and Jake Lynch From just Hunt Club and along the way Also met Corey and Bailey and then we Just met Adam Jake and John are already Out hunting this morning can be fun What's the what's the report boys what Are you guys thinking good snow we're Excited about that kind of waiting for It to subside a little bit it's kind of Like a blizzard out there right now Gonna be good condition it's going to be Good condition been sitting so much that

It's time to get out and move around Maybe we'll get lucky and bump into Something but if not at least we'll Start getting you know a little bit more Experience with a Time We kind of made a decision here to go up This super steep Road that's a minimum Maintenance road so we're gonna see if We don't just crash this truck right out Of the gate I'm kind of stressed about It to be honest Get her you think I mean or we guarantee Will go down It's kind of like how the hunting's Gonna go we gonna get him and we ain't Lights now but I don't like when it's Glowing blowing into your face as you're Trying to go down a ski resort to your Truck oh yeah dude let's hit the slopes All right dude let's Boogie Oh actually Actually Foreign At least have that little berm down There I don't know if we should back up Or if you can try to just get it to do That but yeah see that's Watch out tree This is not good if the kids if we make It out of here alive I'm making a pact here right now I ain't Getting off the highway no more I'm not having a good time I mean it's Not fun we going just inch I wouldn't

Even hit it that hard the worst place You can be I think is also in your Existing tracks and I wouldn't put it There you know Oh you don't want to go down there so Y'all don't want to go down that Andrew's then And put it there Dude this is so freaking dumb hey oh no We know we're doing are you from Colorado you idiot Would you grow up in the flat grounds Western Ohio like are we gonna be able To get down that doing this do you think I don't know I don't have an answer for That honestly if we can get to that Corner right there without I think maybe We lose in control maybe we just like Think about it a little bit more and I'm Just wondering if we don't just keep Doing this until we can't until it Starts to go and as soon as it starts to Go we just then we reevaluate Like how much time do you have to Reevaluate if it starts to go that's my Question I don't know I don't know You got a shovel Oh yeah my dad been telling me you Should get chains So yeah You should have got them changed Get myself prepped for airbags Nicole Just to be safe Keith says on the way

Out do you think we're even gonna make It up to this I was like yeah Down I don't know Sometimes wait Pull off the brake slowly when you get Out I might have to have you go look for It okay it might just be laying under The truck in the mud right now Good Because the cord was sitting there Unplugged I might have just jumped out In a panic and lost my phone you can try Clicking this thing Yeah you keep keep going So we're totally stuck I'm gonna catch a Ride from Rodney here who just happened To come up the road at the right time Is that just grabbed a ride back down The hill luckily we're staying not too Far away from where we're at right now It is 10 o'clock we're just gonna try to Make sure we don't total this truck or Harm ourselves in any manner almost got The truck destroyed Zach lost his phone While it was all happening day one I got A ride back from Rodney and now Adam and Corey are gonna attempt to help we've Got these zip ties I think that might Work though honestly I'm hoping I did not realize there was this much Snow already yeah it's crazy actually Not as bad as I thought I was expecting To be buried in a dish No it's not too bad

Foreign Like a zip tie and hopefully give you Guys just enough traction the moment of Truth Oh he's gonna send it Well I think one just popped off yep Back right one I don't seem like it's it We're probably only going to be able to Pull it off if we have actual legit Chains I'm gonna wreck the truck and Then I'm really out I don't think There's anything really we should do now Especially now that those things are Already broke what Rodney said he said Even on a snowmobile you come down here And it wants to push you into that tree Right there and he's like I know what Happens because I've been up and down a Lot would you have not come up this road Probably I know myself I probably would have and Done the same thing if I would have Regretted it after that if I were Driving up that would have thought like You know not too bad but like you said When you're going down Like you said could have been worse the Truck's fine yeah truck's fine I'm just Glad we hit that rocking tree and Everybody's safe we'll get some chains Yeah we found the phone could have been Way worse Actually thanks

Man yeah You find a homeless man out there I mean Yes you might get it you might get it You killed a buck no ah something Missing outside we're gonna ditch Oh we gotta wait on Howard tomorrow What happened absolute first thing that We did just went up that road it's a Level B Road sir climbing it goes you Think this one we get up and I'm like I Mean we're making it right well then we Turn it around because we were like well This probably isn't good slid in the Ditch once I almost hit a tree almost Hit a rock yeah we're sitting there and Rodney rolled up and I'm like yeah I'm An idiot and he's like yeah I called this Howard guy and he may Bring his tractor but it was a rodeo Bud He's gonna have to be resident now I Said I might have to leave it until May And then just come back and get it Thank you You think there's any chance in hell I'm Making it down there without sliding off Again what do you think you seem Skeptical And what I called yesterday I was like That's why you know it is steep on my Best move What were you hunting yeah yeah there's No way I could hold you we both go the Only way I could do is go a little ways

And tie off go up as far as young the Winds and tie off yeah well if we got Going we both don't put it in dry just Put a new charger Extra wedge yeah yeah As many as possible so my life doesn't Go down the mountain I got it see Keith it's been fun Fresh dough tracks in the snow And here we are liking it down the hill It's my ends Insurance block Home sweet home Made it and boys just stuck it out with Us I didn't think there was any weight We were getting that thing out of there Dude wouldn't they When they first rolled up and they were Like All right when we were coming down he Was just like huh I wasn't really sure About that one to be honest and I was Like I didn't know until You didn't know until you know You're saying dude that was one of the Stupidest things I've done in a long Time you know I'm usually not one for Risks especially in vehicles I'll always Just walk and like for some reason you Know I think I think a lot of it has to Do with the fact that we're editing for So long and we were just like too Gung-ho you know I'm just going yeah I'm just happy we made it yeah oh yeah

You ever been hunting Day 2006 from New York we're finally Going hunting in New York we think Definitely been people pulling down this Road but there's not a lot of access on This giant piece so it's been on my mind Since I was laying in bed in Colorado Before I even came to this state a week Ago there's some big swamps up here and We're just gonna go kind of poke around The edges of those and start working our Way up the mountain and it goes far and As high up there as we can get and just See what happens great condition so we Need to be hunting pretty ridiculous What we've been through up to this point But we're finally gonna go hunting I Think I just gotta get out and move my Legs a little bit let's get out and do It man Foreign River Hey when you get out there don't panic You don't like it Oh We're ever waiter It's not bad with a sigh of relief as he Exits the water Whenever you're holding the camera Across the river 10 yards ago found a Track right away so that's good looks Like a fairly decent track but it's old Affiliated I'm gonna take this old track up this is

Where we're going anyway so that's hard Foreign What just happened One deer siding looked like a fawn I Think But she was flying I looked over and I Just saw flash I was like get right here I figured it was a deer running away and She was running right at us she went Past it like what On Earth Full bore like falling down the hill for A minute I was like maybe she's getting Chased and I thought we were about to Have the shortest luckiest rut hunt that You could ever dream of but they're not Right on her Trail but maybe they're up In there somewhere I feel like it's a Good confidence boost we've been seeing Some tracks since we're moving up but I Just want to get up in this steep stuff And just kind of put ourselves away from Where we believe the majority of the People are hunting I mean there's Definitely hunters in here we saw boot Tracks I just don't know how far those Guys are really coming in so I figured Just try to make it harder for us now May make it easier for us once we find The deer seems like we found one well Found and then lost again but she went That way I just want to backtrack All right we just got up on this point

That Vaughn ran from here it seems like There's there's only multiple deer Tracks up here just found some feedings On it's obviously fresh and then more Feeding sign up here I guess we're just On this nose and we're just gonna keep Following that up until we find what we Think is a buck track I think it looks Like does right now but we're gonna Inspect this feeding side look for tide Marks or just a big track it's kind of Interesting though these Fresh Tracks They have this water at the bottom of Them I just think that that's pretty Interesting because it's kind of melting It's warmer than freezing so what was Powdery yesterday is now mushy and then It Down the ice the dirt seeps through and That's what the fresh track looks like Today pretty cool how they change every Day the thing that I always like looking For though is stuff on top You can tell it's like not really sunk In it hasn't stained the snow yet and as The moisture seeps out of that stuff It'll stain and melt down into the snow But it's sitting right on top go a Little fine but it's pretty fun I mean Terrible views but otherwise we're Having fun Understand What Big dog

Foreign Foreign Update but basically our backtracking Deer I mean we weren't basically we were Literally backtracking there and I Looked up right on this little knob and There was For those two phones and two does I Guess and they just were feeding up Through there they walked right past us You could tell they were looking at us a Little bit but they never spooked until They got downwind the reason that I Guess I instinctually was going this Direction as the wind is in our face Here I think I want to keep working at Least to poke pop over that and then Maybe just keep scaling our way up I Mean you could maybe sit here honestly And see a buck at some point dough group Thing to be around so just buck around Here somewhere It's not it's bigger than the gun but The track's going out kind of look big If you're just going by like one four Finger track But It's obviously just does I like what those does nutritious Foreign Back your teeth and he was just like Okay Just blundering around first hand here Doing it like I don't really feel that

Interested in a track right now until we Know it's good and big I feel like we've Seen a ton of doe tracks which is a good Sign but Kate said he saw one rep but I Didn't see it Jump down That's your air fresher October Went in her favor just trying to work Into the wind moving up to steep stuff Where we can see and I don't know There's kind of following edges it's fun I like this a lot Better we get time I think we're gonna wrap up today we Haven't seen really much for fresh sign At all for the last probably two hours Nothing like what we were seeing where We saw all the does over there there's Just a lot more tracks moving around in General on those terrain features seemed Like the woods was pretty open over There a lot of what we went through was Pretty dense a lot of spruce and stuff There just wasn't the sign there but I Don't know just got to keep covering Ground I feel like today was super Successful you know we got the truck out And then we saw a deer so having a lot Of fun here I really really enjoyed the Day it was super awesome they finally Get out and walk around the cover ground It's one of those deals where today I Would say what we did was more of like Still hunting moving fast and looking

For deer and we just went to terrain Features that made sense and we ran Right into Deer three different times And we saw six deer total I think he Filmed a five but pretty good first day Here not sure what the conditions are Going to be like moving for forward but Today was probably the best day but that Doesn't really mean anything at all so Many things can happen when you're Hunting and I feel like not following a Track today and still having deer and Easy gun range made me feel good for the Future regardless if we're able to get On a track or not so It seems like a lot of this stuff's Gonna be drivable now like maybe we Could even go up Dare we even bring it up Well we got out and then we tried going Back up That's good four camera gear do you want To hold a sock over this the whole hunt Wool sock for sure we'll get our wools On top of the camera and it should keep Everything really dry Everything dries out quick with wool Especially in this It's good though shouldn't make a good Quiet sheet of ice on top of the snow Tomorrow morning After finally getting out to hunt and Seeing six deer we were feeling pretty Good about our chances of cutting a buck

Track in the last two days of season but As you can imagine Heavy Rain Is a huge Risk for our cameras and we didn't want To break them so we decided that we Could be more productive by staying in And editing what video we had and trying To make the most of the following day Which was the final day of the season For the zone that we were hunting in so Sunday rolled around and we hit the Woods throughout the day we covered as Much ground as we could but never caught Any fresh Buck tracks or ran into any More deer we were able to find old Buck Tracks and continue to learn how deer Use the landscape which will be helpful For the future since the season was now Closed in the zone that we were hunting In we decided to head to a different Zone where season was still open to Spend time with friends for a couple Days and try deer drives with a small Group none of the drives produced shots But it was a lot of fun covering ground And spending time with friends after two Days of trying that we were looking the Weather and I was calling for a lot of Rain and warm weather so Keith and I Decided that we were going to cut our Losses and hit the road to try to get Some work done before the next trip Between working more than we thought Getting the truck stuck in poor weather This trip will forever be remembered as

One of the biggest failures of Keith and I's hunting career but at least we got Some laughs and learned a lot even Though some of those lessons were Learned the hard way I'm hopeful that The next time we attempt to make a trip To track whitetails in the snow that Things go a little bit better but don't Worry this won't be the last time you See us trying