Transforming this COAL Mine into the Ultimate Fishing Pond!

By | December 6, 2022

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In today's video we're building my dream Fishing pond a couple episodes ago we Went into the transformation we're Making for this hunting land and now We're finally building a pond on it now This is gonna be awesome because we're Gonna be able to build this Pond from The ground up exactly how it needs to be To grow a lot of big fish we're thinking Bass catfish bluegill literally the Kentucky special so here we go starting Off day one our first steps we're Building this Pond is scouting a place To put the pond we're in the eastern Part of Kentucky so we're in Mountain Country as you can see and you really Can't just build a pond anywhere so you Have to find the perfect spot before you Even start like I mentioned in one of The past episodes this actually used to Be an old coal mine and so there used to Be a pond there before they broke the Dam and ripped it out check this out They said there was a natural spring on This property somewhere and that this Used to be an Old Pond but since then It's been drained since everything's Already there except the dam we figured That right there would be about as good Of a spot that you could pick so Whenever day two rolled around we got All of our heavy equipment headed down Into the bottom of where the Pond's Gonna be and just started clearing out

All those trees to really make sure that The bottom composition is what we want And to put the structure where we want It we really got to get in there and Clear out all the bushes and all the Trees and really make sure that the Bottom is even and flat and that there's No big holes in it that we didn't know About in a way it would be really cool To flood all that stuff and let the fish Swim in it but as soon as we did that Our luck there would literally be a hole Like a well in the bottom of a pond and We wouldn't even know it and then it'd Just drain every day so now the Equipment we're using to build this Pond Is one a dozer this or this thing is Halls it basically pushes dirt wherever You want the dirt to go the dozer Operator which is my cousin tells the Dirt to move and the dirt moves this Thing is op when it comes to building Ponds you could not do it without it or You could but it'd be really hard next Thing we have is a smaller excavator now On a big project like this we're dealing With some big trees big bushes we're Really not using this one as much but we Have it here just in case we need it What we do use a lot is the big Excavator this one's almost twice as big As the smaller excavator and we're Getting in there picking up dirt moving The dirt ripping up trees all that good

Stuff if it needs dug up this is our Tool to do it then we have the Articulator truck this is basically an Off-road dump truck which is specialized In hauling large amounts of dirt in Places that a normal truck couldn't go For example a bottom of a pond so with My dad my uncle and my cousin all three Working together with all those pieces Of equipment they're seriously going to Get this Pond done about like that and They're going to get it done right and As the day goes on their objective is Still to clear out the pond and then get All the brush and trees haul it off pile It up and then actually burn it because We don't have anything else to do with The wood and we have to get rid of it so That we can keep digging the pond Believe it or not it's a whole lot Harder to burn this much wood than you Think just for this one pile it took us Like a couple days and we had to keep Brisking up the fire to where it would Keep burning the new material at the end Of day two though we ran into our first Roadblock and our articulated truck Actually was messed up we had to figure Out why and then we had to fix it Basically on the motor where a few fuel Lines were held together the little ring Popped off and so the two fuel lines Just vibrated against each other until Eventually there was a hole in one it

Kind of just happens that's just natural Wear and tear but at this point in day Two we could really look at the pond and See kind of what we were going to end up With and that's when me I wanted to know What could we do to make it bigger I Mean you got to think about it guys the Bigger the pond we can make the better The pond we can make in a pond yes Bigger is better always but that's when I talked to Dad and realized it's Actually not why can't we just build That corner of that field up for foot Higher basically making a second damn We'll see if we can let's give it more Places to leak so is the problem that we Just don't have enough dirt maybe it's Called what kind of dirt this is so Sorry okay see when they mine this coal They drilled the raw and shot the rock Up and they hauled it out to uncover the Coal and they dumped it somewhere they Dumped All That Rock here then we can't Use this stuff if they dump the dirt That come off the top of the rock here Then then we're good we've got plenty to Work with basically what my dad was Saying about this Pond is that her Biggest problem and biggest potential Risk is that when we go to build the dam Either one We're not gonna have enough Dirt to do it or two the quality of dirt Actually won't be good enough to hold Water so what makes one kind of dirt

Better than another kind of dirt well Some dirts have more clay in them and Clay is like hydrophobic so water Doesn't just seep through them that's Good dirt any kind of dirt that can Really pack together and hold back water That's good dirt bad dirt is really Rocky it's really dry kind of brittle And doesn't pack together very well in Dirt like that water will just find a Way around the Rocks down a crack Through that slowly but surely like you You just get like the water just goes Through the Rock and I mean it'll drain The whole Pond it just happens and with This being an old Coal Mine we mentioned This earlier there's just a surplus of Bad dirt I guess and so good dirt's kind Of hard to find that is our limiting Factor when we're building the spot day Three and day four are pretty Straightforward we ended up fixing the Articulated truck to where it's back on Its wheels and ready to just haul some More dirt and that's exactly what we did We used the excavator dig the dirt load The dirt into the articulated truck and The articulated truck would take it all The way down to the other side of the Pond and start pouring it out so that we Could start building the dam my cousin's Over there on the bulldozer because not Only can you just dump out dirt and call It a dam you have to use the Dozer pack

It in very good to where water won't Leak through it and that it won't wash Away as well and just keep in mind this Dam has to be very tall but to build a Dam to hold back water you don't just Have to build it high as high as you go Then you have to build it's out to the Side too so the higher the dam is if you Make it one foot higher you have to make It come down even more so it's so much More dirt and it can't just be any dirt It has to be good dirt that good dirt That we just can't find I mean Technically we could buy the dirt man Then you're talking about expensive Because you're buying dirt and we Literally have 200 Acres why can't we Just find Good Dirt one nice touch You'll notice up towards the dam is that We actually left a few Big Trees left in The bottom of the pond and yes those are Going to be flooded now they're not Going to go up to the top but they are Going to go about 20 feet up the tree And I just think that's going to be the Perfect spot for me to sit in the boat Or off the bank and just flip a jig Right up to the tree and kick its way All the way down I guarantee there's Going to be a bass sitting somewhere on That tree and speaking of 20-foot I Actually took the Drone and flew it down Into the bottom All right guys so right now this is the

Pond it's looking pretty good but what's Important to know about this is let me Get a little bit closer and let me Actually show you where the water level Is going to be so we're gonna have to Keep on going down and down and the Water level is going to sit about right Here and I figure it out with the Altitude that it is actually going to be 35 feet deep at its deepest point I Don't know about you but I think that's A mega deep Pond if you I do say so Myself most ponds are like six foot deep Max that one's gonna be 35. so as we're Digging up the dirt we keep the good Dirt send it off to the dam dump it out Pack it down but the rocks will grab Those with the excavator and set them Over in a pile that's when we start to See this big pile forming of giant Boulders that are the size of a truck Bed that's a big rock and we have a lot Of them like look at this rock pile I'm Telling you this right now if we had to Buy those rocks it would be probably Over ten thousand dollars depending on Where you bought them potentially more And every day that we dig every scoop That we dig we're finding more and more Rocks and at the end of day four we're Just pulling them out putting them all In a pile and we'll figure out what to Do with them later it's day five and at This point I actually have to leave for

Like five days so my dad Uncle and Cousin they're just gonna see sitting Here digging this Pond for five days and I'm not even gonna get to see any part Of it so headed out and for the entire Week I just thought about what could Possibly be happening at the pond and Then I finally got to come back when I Came back the dam was like 70 percent Complete which was pretty crazy because I mean I don't know man it's starting to Look like a pond now the rock pile had Gotten even bigger and it had even Gotten deeper and they backed it up even Farther into the field where they've Been digging dirt you know put on the Dam Dayton rolls around and I got the News from my cousin hey you need to be Figuring out where you're gonna put the Rocks because they're kind of in the way And we need the dirt that the rocks are Sitting on ah okay let's figure it out If we have all these rocks we definitely Want to do something creative with them And use them to our advantage we want to Put them in the bottom of the pond that Way the fish can swim around you is my Structure so I told my cousin where Exactly I wanted him a rough estimate And so they came up with a cool idea and That's exactly what they did on day 10. The pond is really starting to take Shape and look like somewhere fish could Actually live instead of just a big mud

Bowl now it has structure in it and Places that fish can hide swim live Sleep if fish sleep I don't know if fish Sleep I just try to catch them it is Finally day 11. the Pond's really Starting to take shape Rock piles are in Place we've even got a tree down there In the bottom of it and the dam is Getting closer and closer to feel level But before we finish the damn we have to Take a break for a minute pull out the Transit and figure out exactly where Water level is going to be how much Higher the dam needs to be and we got to Be thinking about how much more dirt We're actually going to need to dig to Finish the dam if you look back here Behind me you can see Rock piles Distributed out and through the pond Back here behind me you see a super long Rock Point kind of like a pier and Behind me another Rock Point and this is Really awesome because if you guys don't Know fish love rocks and the reason they Love rocks is because it gives them so Many places to hide from bigger fish as We're building this Pond we're not only Thinking about the catfish and bass you Got to think about the crawdads you got To think about the bluegill even the Minnows and even the algae that the Minnows eat and so as we build these Rock piles we have the bait fish in Months imagine you're a minnow you're

This big but there's a fish this big Trying to eat you what are you gonna do Well I'll tell you what I do I would get My little minor body and I'd go And then I get right back in there to Where that big fish cannot get me well That is exactly what all these Rock Piles do these Rock piles are also super Important to the catfish unlike bass and Bluegill catfish actually needs Something pretty special to breed and Lay eggs they need a place where they Can get back in kind of like a little Hole be super protected and watch their Eggs like that in most man-made ponds There's actually no rocks and no cover Suitable for catfish to lay eggs in so They just don't and that's why in most Ponds ever so often you have to restock Catfish because they cannot reproduce on Their own but with these all these rocks Every single rock is giving a catfish an Opportunity to get back in the crack and Lay egg down in the deepest parts you Can see we have Rock piles scattered Across the bottom along with just big Rocks sitting and chilling wherever this Is really good because hey sometimes the Fish will want to go deep as you look up Closer to the bank you also see smaller Rock piles which will end up being about Two to five feet under water this is Going to be great because we can walk The bank visually see the rock pile so

That we can fish them effectively then On the far back end we built something Pretty special a pier made out of 100 Rocks which the top will be sticking out About six inches so that we can still Walk across the rocks with that many Rocks stacked together it should be a Perfect place for Bait fish to get in And hide and even spawn and stuff and The point only about 10 yards from it Will be the same exact thing as you look Back here behind me you will notice a Big Pine Tree just like the Rocks this Is going to give amazing habitat for Little fish and big fish to just swim Around and have a good time this makes Me like so excited because you can look At it on a macro level where you see the Whole tree oh yeah that's cool I can Probably cast right there and maybe pull A bass off of it yeah that's awesome but I really like looking at it at a Granular level let's take this right Here for example it doesn't look like Much but what does this stick right here Mean to a minnow or a crawdad a minnow Could literally live its entire life Right in this little area right here and To us it's just a couple sticks but to That minnow it's going to live its Entire life here make a bunch of friends Here here possibly get eaten here and Then reproduce right here there's so Much going on right here for just a

Small fish there could be algae grow Right here on this stick and then the Men will come over here to eat it and Then whenever The Minnow goes back home He gets eaten because there's actually a Bass under that rock I want to show you Some fossils we found as my cousin on The excavator was sifting through all These rocks he found this fossil take a Look at that now what is that I don't Know probably a a tree if we're going to Be honest but we can say it's a dinosaur If you want to make it sound cool no one Can prove us wrong somehow petrified Into this rock we're just gonna have Like straight up a fossil in the bottom Of this Pond and it's gonna be covered Up in water and we'll probably never get To see it again but that's okay because We found another fossil over here which Is so much crazier look at this fossil It's a way bigger tree and you can very Very vividly see all the different Things and this is 100 rock what exactly Was this you may ask I don't know could Be a big fish that swallowed Jonah Kentucky is not that far from Israel I mean not not really kinda yeah it's Probably a tree but that's Mega awesome But okay now let's get into the bad news Ah as you could imagine when you're Building a pond this big there's a lot Of engineering that goes into it and That's because there's a lot of risk

With it if we were to build this Pond Down and the pond fills up with water And then the pond dam breaks you're Sending this much water down the creek And there's actually a couple houses Down the creek so if this busted at the Wrong time you could literally wash away A house which is terrible and we're Gonna avoid that but a lot of this comes Into the slope that we built the dam we Noticed that the slope was slightly off And that we needed more dirt on the dam If you don't know the more dirt that you Put on a dam that's just more dirt able To hold back more water but this wasn't Going to cut it this was almost to the Dangerous little it might work but it Might not we ran the risk and it was Looking like maybe maybe 10 chance that Something went wrong in the future but Still only about maybe a two percent Chance that something actually bad Happens Also let's just keep this Between me and you I made up those statistics but one thing For sure The dam was too small so day 15 our Objective is clear we have to make the Dam thicker and that means more dirt we Had to go down to the bottom of the pond Dig it out some more which ended up Making the pond even deeper and hold Even more water which is totally awesome So we dug it up loaded it up in the dump

Truck and then I hauled it down to the Dam dumped it out and my cousin used the Excavator to facilitate the dirt around And load it up exactly where it needed To be which was on the other side of the Dam we also had to track it in good to Make sure that every piece of dirt that Hit the dam was packed in super tight Giving it an even lower chance of Busting out but that's not all we had to Do to the day in order to decrease the Chances even more we decided to lower The dam and this is the sad part because When you lower the dam you lower the Water level which means the pond is not Going to be as big as we originally Planned but to be decent humans and Reduce the risk of blowing someone's House away that's what we did and we're Very happy to do that if we can reduce The risk from two percent to point zero Two percent we will do that and lower The pond as low as it needs to get now Of course we could reduce the risk to Zero if we'd quit building the pond but We're not going to do that Because we need a pond so my cousin with The Dozer shaved off the dam made it Lower but we used that extra dirt to Pack it on the back side and make this Dam be able to hold much more weight Which will make it much safer for Everybody about midday during the search For more dirt we actually needed the

Dirt which was under one of the big Standing poplar trees so we didn't Really have any options we needed the Dirt the trade-off to get the dirt was Well worth knocking down the poplar tree So although we didn't want to we had to Do it so it is actually back here beside Me we have the big root pod up there and Then the two trunks go all the way down To the main bottom of the pond that Should be great for fishing 100 probably Even better than if it was standing as We got towards the end of the day we Went ahead and pulled out the little Survey thing so that we can make sure The dam is level across the whole thing To do this you set up this little scope Thing completely level send a guy with a Stick across the dam and if you look Across and it reads the same number You're good to go the pawn dam is even Two foot six two feet three and a half Half two feet one and a half two feet Two foot six basically we do this until It's all the way across two foot six we Also added the spillway which is just a Pop actually that's not the spillway That's just a pop that is the spillway The spillway is higher up than the pot But lower than the dam that way if the Pipe gets clogged up water can still Exit without burrowing over the dam and Pretty much destroying the dam after day 15 100 of the pawn dam is complete we

Added up the totals and to build the Pond it came out to 725 loads of dirt 1091 gallons of diesel and three really Sore backs and knees they were a little Sore after this jump but the pond is Done but the ultimate Pond is far from Complete we gotta build the structure we Gotta add the zip line we gotta add the Fish we gotta add the dock we're gonna Add the houseboat and yes we're adding a Houseboat and it's at this moment then I Need you guys to comment below what Should we name this Pawn next video I'm Going to pick a winner and I'm gonna Send you free merch for whoever picks Out the name for the pond click on over Here if you want to see the Land Development we're returning the 200 Acres into the ultimate hunting land