By | December 1, 2022

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Every single year the youth at my church Does a non-traditional Thanksgiving I Want to take some wild game I want to go Squirrel hunting I want to go pigeon Hunting I want to kill a deer I want to Go out and kill all kinds of wild games Cook it up and then serve it at my Church for a non-traditional Thanksgiving we're starting off for Morning in the woods we're going Squirrel hunting and we have scope camps The sister squirrel hunting I went ahead And loaded up my Squirrel Dog major Ambus and we're gonna let her do all the Hard work go find on me go find a Squirrel look at me all right there she Goes she's gonna hopefully go tree a Squirrel and we'll just bring it out [Music] All right guys may is tree over the hill Out here so me Abram and my 22 we're Heading down there we're gonna check it Out hopefully she's got a big squirrel Pinned up on top of a tree oh no it's Over there mate it's moving on you it's Moving on you There goes me look at me it's on the Back side of that tree there it is I'm Gonna just shoot it out bro There you go make it get it mate There we go Foreign Okay that squirrel is giving me a little Bit of a hard time it wrote out which

Means it went from One Tree it was in And just kind of left and climbed into Another tree and made it and see it That'll happen that's just part of it All right let's see where it hit it I Felt like I got a gut shot and that is Because I did indeed get a gut shot you Know what uh gut's not exactly where I Want to hit it but luckily there's no Real meat in the guts so shouldn't hurt Any of the meat at all all right mate we Need about four more to make this Special recipe I want to cook Nice treat up on this big tree right Here so we're gonna look up and down This tree all the limbs the safer can't Find Abram actually spotted another squirrel But may has yet to pick up on it where's It at it's in the back yeah sure oh okay I think I see it yeah it is right there Guys you can see it's furry tail and its Head popping up that'd be a very easily Killed squirrel all right here you want To shoot it sure be sure to go for the Head oh right there you should be able To see it Yeah all right take your shot real nice And slow Really close here Shoot it again Here you go my turn here you go All right we got him we got him he's Coming down mate get ready he's coming

Down He's coming down mate he just stuck Through There you go may get him Get him mate there you go I could not Keep my arm still yeah I mean it's tough Up there in the tree and this gun's Super light too which does help in a Situation like that come on may bring it Up here bring it up here man Foreign There you go one of us hit him right Here which barely just grazed his leg Definitely not enough to bring him out Of the tree then I think that last shot Right there I hit him right through the Shoulder long shot he's down so not bad All the meat's still good so oh there we Go there's two squirrels has it got Later in the day the squirrels kept Getting less and less active so I went Ahead skinned up these squirrels and now It's time to move on to the next animal We're gonna be hunting All right guys I just scouted the Pigeons back there behind me so far They're just chilling on the roof they Don't know anything's gonna happen Usually you can get away with killing Two or three pigeons pretty early then After that they really start to get Pretty weary we're gonna try to make it Simple we're gonna try to get in there We're gonna try to take a few before

They know what's happening weapon of Choice for these pigeons just my air gun Got a suppressor on it it shoots these Right here I think they're like uh 20 Grains or something 22 caliber pellets Definitely kill a pigeon but if I miss It's not gonna go down to hurt Everything Whenever we go around this corner we Need to be I'm going to take a rest on That post and we go for the one on the Top closest to us All right I'm gonna go for the only one On the top still [Music] Let's just walk over and see if we can Find that pigeon real quick Heck yeah baby that's what I'm talking About we got a dead pitch I don't know Where I hit him but most likely right in Here since that's where I was aiming That's one pigeon down that's pretty Good that'll give us quite a bit of meat Not a ton we're definitely looking for About two or three more at least with These pigeons guys this is usually the Problem the first pigeon extremely easy Maybe even the second pigeon extremely Easy but after they realized that like Their cousin is like laying on the road Not moving anymore they kind of get Suspicious and they kind of just leave So I don't know if pigeons are smart or Not but they just leave and they're

They're not on the roof anymore we're Just going to wait a little bit and see If they come back He landed he landed That's how we do it Here's a pigeon slightly dead Completely dead now nice two pigeon in The bucket and that Is a hilly Chopper guys there's pigeons Within 20 yards of us so we left the gun Over there Bro Let's just walk past them maybe they Haven't put the puzzle pieces together Yet a couple went back to the roof All right yeah they're like fluid that Doesn't necessarily mean that they know It's us though with the urban pigeon Hunting you got to be as nonchalant as Possible not only for the pigeons but Also for the random neighbors who might Think you're I don't know she's hunting Their cat or something we have more on The roof we're closing in now the next Time the pigeons land on the roof Abram Wanted to take a shot at it so Abram Took the gun lined up and uh [Music] Update just letting y'all know we're Just sitting down under this tree again Um if they come back I'm shooting That's what you say about the deer I'm pigeons uh there's not a ton of meat It's mainly just the breast so you just

Come in here just like any other bird And you can scan it or whatever else you Might want to do Sometimes you can pluck a bird but we Usually just get the skin and rip them Back and then believe it or not from a Little pigeon like this you actually get Quite a bit of meat right there each of Those breasts can probably make two Poppers which is what we're gonna be Making later in this video with these Pigeon pigeon poppers what about that That'd be that'd be good it doesn't look The best right now but it'll buff so now That we've got some squirrels and we've Killed some pigeon I actually wanted to Go back and get more squirrels because The recipe I have for squirrel I know Everybody's gonna love it so for the Next couple days we kept going back Squirrel hunting hoping to just get as Much squirrel meat as possible all right Guys we are back out here again we're Going in for evening at home we only got Two this morning we want two more Squirrels His head's right there his head you see His tail his head goes straight up the Fourth right oh yeah yeah okay yeah all Right take it whenever Foreign All right guys we're out here again Maya's treat again keep it up there mate Shoot whenever you're ready

Oh oh there's two there's two there's Two pop it pop it It's game time What do you think about that is that Your second squirrel yeah Sweet Sweet I'll go down here and shake a tree For both y'all y'all both watch the Trees There it goes my get it Get at me get to me right there it is Right to your left me me right here Get it man Get it mate there you go mate kill it Here's what you do when one's still Moving you go Shouldn't move no more good job doggie Good job dog you look what you did mate You just got us to kill us a squirrel Everybody go on down in the comments a Comment good job mate because you killed A bunch of squirrels up good job that Exact thing you call me anything Different you're unsubscribed All right guys it is the morning and We're trying to kill a deer for this Thanksgiving and as you can look behind Me you may say kg you're getting out There a little late it's almost daylight Yes but I've actually sit here for an Hour waiting for it to get daylight I Think they're a pretty good chance I see One walking in and if I do we may be Done in about 15 minutes so that's the

Plan scope cam on top those are so Plentiful and they're not super spooky So like legit if I see one walking in And it sees me it might just sit there Got some solid ammo in there really good Scope on it I'm comfortable way out There on a dog we're hunting with a Rifle so we're gonna act like we're Hunting with a rifle we're gonna walk Slow keep our eyes open even out 300 Yards because that's definitely doable With this rifle and uh walk slow take Your time you see something shoot it I'm Just walking through watching these Woods right here and then there's a Clear cut over here gonna watch and Glass hit for a minute too those deer Could be anywhere through here Especially this morning they could just Be out here in this little stuff eating A little bit hopefully we may see one Across there and by golly we'll send a Bullet ad here Oh my gosh dude they were within 30 Yards of me and I didn't see them they Were right over there on the edge of the Woods and I just didn't see them dang it That's okay that's how it goes sometimes I'll back off I'm gonna give him space I'm gonna go around the back way I might See them dang it dude Away Oh there's one there's one there's one Major one that's a long shot that is a

Long shot am I going to take that Yes I am 400 yards It's a long shot but I'm not scared of It Long shot on a deer All right Foreign Oh gosh Oh my gosh I'm out of here man I'm out Of here get me out of here well guys uh I'm slightly speechless gosh dude this Is terrible I was there that was Terrible did I make a bad shot no my Shot was perfect My adjustments were terrible y'all heard Me in the footage I said all right Probably 400 yards 400 yards well I Literally forgot the Range found in her Truck so I had to guess I guessed 400 Turns out she was 288. dude that's luck That's like 20 inch difference I shot Way over her back I knew as soon as I Heard the bullet hit the ground and the Deer was still looking at me that I Messed up anyways still super early I'm Gonna hunt a little bit more maybe a doe Will make a mistake and walk right out In front of me we'll see That's a deer just came out a deer just Came out oh dang it it's a bug Dang it Dang it dang it man that's a bug are you Kidding me I can't shoot a buck Not at this location plus it's a small

Bug oh my gosh if that was a dough it'd Be so dead oh my God that's a good sign Though because I just shot a shot like 20 minutes ago there's already a deer Walking right back out in here just Hanged up It's a really good chance So no unfortunately I didn't kill a deer For this Thanksgiving but my buddy Actually killed a deer and here's the Footage of that Now it's time to get cooking for this Thanksgiving we're cooking squirrel Dumplings and pigeon poppers so first Things first we gotta head to the Grocery store and we gotta get the Ingredients for the squirrel dumplings We need squirrel which we already killed Biscuits to make the dumplings salt Pepper and whatever other seasoning you Want to get for the pigeon poppers we Need the pigeon which we already killed Jalapenos cheese and bacon once we got Back home we started on the squirrel Dumplings first step is to get the Squirrels put them in a pressure cooker For about 30 minutes we want them super Tender and in the meantime we're gonna Make the pigeon poppers first thing we Do is we take a jalapeno cut off the top Then we split it in half take a spoon Hollow out all the seeds to where There's no seeds in the jalapeno then we Take our pigeon cut them up into strips

That'll fit nice and neat inside of the Jalapeno then we're just going to take a Little strip of cheese lay on it then We're going to take some bacon wrap that Baby up real good put a toothpick in it And then we're gonna lay it in the pan We're gonna end up baking these guys Once we put the pigeon poppers in the Oven now it's time to move on to Actually making the dumplings for the Squirrel dumplings we take the biscuits Flatten them out and then cut them up Into little strips now that the Squirrels are done cooking we take the Squirrel meat out And we really want to shred the meat off The bone I don't know about you guys but Uh I don't want to eat a squirrel bone So we're taking it off the bone anyways Once we shred the chicken off the bone We're going to take the broth which the Squirrel kind of cooked in and put it Into this big Kettle now we put the Shredded squirrel into the Kittle start Heating it up once it starts boiling a Little bit now it's time that we can Actually take our dumplings and we're Going to set them in there one by one Nice and slow making sure you don't just Throw them all in at once because if you Do you may just have a squirrel pizza or Something weird like that I don't know You want to make sure that all the Dumplings cook on their own and don't

Clump together with the squirrel Dumplings you just let them cook the Dumplings are going to soak up in the Broth and get really nice and then You're just going to cook it and stir it Until it gets thicker and by golly once It gets thick I mean you're done you Pretty much got squirrel dumplings and There's really nothing else to do so now The squirrel dumplings are finished we Set them over to the side keep them warm And we're gonna pull out the pigeon Poppers and by golly do they look good We're done so now that the food's cooked We just have to take it on down to Church and let's see what everybody Thinks about it this may be good this May be bad Oh no Oh yeah is it decent is it good No Dump ones are good anyways yeah I was Pretty sure [Laughter] All right guys the dinner's over no one Died no one puked as for the bathroom Situation we're not really sure of what May happen the next few hours but Besides that I'd call it a success if You like this video subscribe to the Channel click it over here if you want To see your cheap versus expensive Squirrel hunting challenge or right over Here for the squirrel hunting gun game