What kind of camper are you? New episode of MeatEater tomorrow. #fueledbynature #meateater

By | December 14, 2022

Here's something interesting I'd like You guys to see I'm uh we're in a seek Tent here And uh this is my gear area here this is Where I have my stuff organized but I'm Sharing a Tent space with Clay Newcombe what's up Let's see how Clay's gears organize Theirs is Even though we're on a rifle hunt There's this bow and his broken arrows Because he wanted to be able to practice With his bow And let's take a look at the gear Organizing pile here Oh you know the more I look I'm starting To see how it is organized That's his large format coffee table Book and oh this this over here is the Garbage area Up and here's where he keeps his smoke Trout bear attractant Oh here here's an extension of the Garbage area And then here you just have You know kind of a