What type of late season food source are you hunting?? 🤔#deertour #thehuntingpublic #whitetaildeer

By | December 26, 2022

Warb finds a tree that is producing maple buds and can tell the deer are eating on them!

Hey guys we're walking around scouting Here midday right now it's uh late December right before Chris walked Underneath this maple tree and I can see It's got a bunch of buds growing on it These buds coming on the end and this Make fresh Maple shoot all the way up Through that tree there's fresh Buds and Stuff here's a real good Branch right Here Ted all these buds are coming on Right here and the reason why we can see Them here is because it's out of the Deer's height but if you look at these Branches that are lower that are right Up about the deer's height they're all Nipped off there is no Maple buds or Maple shoot fresh Maple shoots on this Thing all across the bottom of this tree These things are nipped off some of These have been nipped off for a while Now but you notice that looking around This thing is all the buds are up in the Tree so if you see a tree that's falling In the Woods real fresh they'll be Eating these buds off it's at all times Of the year but especially this time of Year during the winter when food sources Start getting real scarce