Wild Pheasant – Catch & Cook!

By | December 28, 2022

The spot of pheasant off the road I'm Gonna grab my shotgun and sneak out There and try and shoot Busted him boys There he is Yeah boy he's got some long tail Feathers on him okay so once I got back Home with this pheasant I went ahead and Breasted him out and brought him into The kitchen to cook them up since I only Shot the one I figured I could make some Poppers out of the breast neat and it Would be a decent sized meal so the First thing we need to do is get all of The meat off of the breastplate after That go ahead and chunk up all the meat In a little bite-sized pieces once That's complete you'll get out a pack of Bacon and a block of cream cheese with Each half slice of bacon we'll put in a Chunk of breast meat and a little glob Of cream cheese and wrap that up tight In the bacon go ahead and preheat the Oven to 350 degrees once your oven hits That temperature we'll put the poppers In for about a half an hour after 30 Minutes is up if it reads 165 degrees or Higher you're good to eat just let them Cool down and enjoy